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Oct.28/18 "Ignorance is NOT Bliss: From Lust-driven to Positive Impact" - Huron Chapel EMC, Auburn Eph.4:17-5:2 Text Audio-Video
Oct.21/18 "Power Play: Christ's Strength Put to Surprising Use" - Huron Chapel EMC, Auburn Eph.3:14-4:16 Text Audio-Video
Oct.14/18 "The Miracle of Reconciliation through the Cross" - Huron Chapel EMC, Auburn Eph.2:11ff Text Audio-Video
Sep.30/18 "Remember Who You Are: Prompts for Spiritual Amnesiacs" - Huron Chapel EMC, Auburn Eph.1:15-2:10 Text Audio-Video
Sep.23/18 "Wanted: YOU! Chosen for God's Praiseworthy Purpose" - Huron Chapel EMC, Auburn Eph.1:3-14 Text Audio-Video
Aug.12/18 "Good Grief! Countering Life's Losses with God's Precious Promises" - Huron Chapel EMC, Auburn 1Thess.4:13-17 Text Audio-Video
Aug.5/18 "COURAGE: The Choice to Take the Next Step" - Huron Chapel EMC, Auburn Acts 20:17-25 Text Audio-Video
July 16/18 Funeral of Yvonne Dow 2Cor.4:1-11
June 17/18 "Follow God When All Seems Lost" - Huron Chapel EMC, Auburn 1Kings 17:1-16 Text Audio-Video
June 10/18 "Loving Our Deceased Well" - Blyth Cemetery Decoration Service 1Thess.4:13-18 Text
June 10/18 "Follow God Not Your Own Smart Inventions" - Huron Chapel EMC, Auburn 1Kings 14 Text Audio-Video
May 13/18 "Follow God’s Beautiful Story of Redemption for Your Life" - Huron Chapel EMC, Auburn 1Kings 8 Text Audio-Video
Apr.1/18 "Learning from Lazarus" - Huron Chapel Easter SonRise John 11 Text Audio-Video
Mar.18/18 "My Shepherd Leads Me" - Huron Chapel EMC, Auburn Ps.23:1-4 Text Audio-Video
Feb.4/18 "The Grace of Giving: Blasting the Snowbank that Smothers Generosity" - Huron Chapel EMC, Auburn 2Cor.8:1-9 Text Audio-Video
Dec.31/17 "Got Godly Grit? Putting Resolve in Your Resolutions" - Huron Chapel EMC, Auburn Luke 9:51-62 Text Audio-Video
Dec.10/17 "Advent 2 - PEACE" - Huron Chapel EMC, Auburn 1Peter 3:10-12 Text Audio-Video
Nov.19/17 "My Surrender" - Huron Chapel EMC, Auburn 1Sam.5-6;Heb.13:4-18 Text Audio-Video
Nov.5/17 "It's All About Love": 40 Days of Love - Finale 1Jn.4:7-12,19-21 Text Audio-Video
Oct.29/17 "The Secrets of Lasting Love": 40 Days of Love #6 1Cor.13:6-13 Text Audio-Video
Oct.22/17 "Love is Not Easily Angered": 40 Days of Love #5 Eph.4:22-32 Text Audio-Video
Oct.15/17 "Love Lets It Go": 40 Days of Love #4 1Cor.13:4-7 Text Audio-Video
Oct.8/17 "Loving With Your Words" - 40 Days of Love, Pt.3 Jas.3:2-8 Text Audio-Video
Oct.1/17 Helen Keenliside, Cdn. Foodgrains Bank Jn.15:1-5 Video
Sept.24/17 "Loving like Jesus Loves Me" - 40 Days of Love, Pt.2 Jn.13:12-17,34f Text Audio-Video
Sept.17/17 "40 Days of Love, Pt.1: Love Matters Most" 1Cor.13:1-3 Text Audio-Video
July 23/17 "Slaughtered but Unstoppable" Rom.8:31-39 Text Audio-Video
July 16/17 "Get with the Program! God's Shaping, Supporting, and Shining Through Us" Rom.8:26-30 Text Audio-Video
July 9/17 "Hope Amidst Frustration" Rom.8:18-25 Text Audio-Video
July 2/17 "Good Seed, Weeds, and Your Ultimate Destiny" Matt.13:24-30,36-43 Text Audio-Video
June 25/17 (Part) Testimony of Julie Plunkett

June 25/17 "Make Christians GREAT Again" Matt.23:1-12 Text Audio-Video
June 18/17 "Making Up, and the Power of Mutuality" Matt.18:15-20 Text Audio-Video
June 11/17 "Keeping on Sowing Despite Discouragement" Matt.13:1-9,18-23 Text Audio-Video
June 11/17 Brenda Sjaarda, Wingham Right To Life

June 4/17 "Spirit Work" Is.61:1-7 Text Audio-Video
May 21/17 "Fasting, Change, and the Kingdom of God as a PARTY!!" Matt.9:14-17 Text Audio-Video
May 14/17 "Hannah's Holy Hope" 1Sam.1:24-2:10 Text Audio-Video
May 7/17 "Tackling Temptation, Jesus-style" Matt.4:1-11 Text Audio-Video
Apr.30/17 "Daring to be Generous" 1Tim.6:6-10,17-19 Text Audio-Video
Apr.23/17 Teen Challenge - Women's Ministry Team

Apr.23/17 Meghan's Story (Teen Challenge)

Apr.16B/17 "Daring to Wait on God" Rom.8:18-25 Text Audio-Video
Apr.16A/17 "A Second Chance at Life" Mt.28:1-10; Rom.1:1-4,16 Text
Apr.14/17 "The Precious and the Perishable" 1Peter 1:18f, 2:21-24 Text
Apr.9/17 "Daring to Plant in Faith" Jn.12:23-26;Gal.6:7-10 Text Audio-Video
Apr.2/17 "Daring to Commit" Rom.12:1-8 Text Audio-Video
Mar.26/17 "Daring to Imagine" Eph.3:14-21 Text Audio-Video
Mar.19/17 "Daring to Give God my Best" 1Cor.9:22-27 Text Audio-Video
Mar.12/17 "How to Get Ready for a Miracle" Mark 5:31-44 Text Audio-Video
Mar.5/17 "What Happens When You Have Faith" Num.13:25-14:10 Text Audio-Video
Feb.26/17 "High Maintenance Relationships" Mt.5:21-26 Text Audio-Video
Feb.19/17 Creation Ministries' Thomas Bailey
Feb.12/17 "Giving Bite and Basis to Belief" Mt.5:13-20 Text Audio-Video
Feb.5/17 "The Outflow of Genuine Worship" Acts 2:42-47 Text Audio-Video
Feb.5/17 Tiffany and Dawn Uyl - Niagara SERVE 2016
Jan.29/17 "Beatitudes (B) -- BE the Blessing" Mt.5:7-12 Text Audio-Video
Jan.22/17 "Beatitudes (A) -- Abased Attitude" Mt.5:3-6 Text Audio-Video
Jan.15/17 "Baptism: Saying Sorry, Soaking Spirit" Mt.3:7-17 Text Audio-Video
Jan.8/17 "God's Help for a Refugee's Running" Mt.2:13-23 Text Audio-Video
Jan.1/17 "In the Beginning: Starting Your New Year Right" Jn.1:1-18 Text Audio-Video
Dec.24/16 "From Shamed to Saved" Matt.1:18-25 Text Audio-Video
Dec.18/16 "Perfecting Your Delivery: Right Address, Authorization, & Attitude" Romans 1:1-7 Text Audio-Video
Dec.11/16 "Joy for Those Outside the Palace" Is.35:1-10;Mt.11:2-11 Text Audio-Video
Dec.4/16 Chris Palmer, "Giving - An Integral Part of Mission" James 2:1-9 Text Audio-Video
Nov.27/16 "Have You Lost Your Bearings?" Is.2:1-5;Mt.24:35-44 Text Audio-Video
Nov.20/16 "The Forgotten King Who Remembers Me" Lk.23:33-43 Text Audio-Video
Nov.13/16 "The Flip Side of Persecution" 2Thess.1:1-12 Text Audio-Video
Nov.6/16 "Roles Overruled by a Gracious Sovereign Judge" Colossians 3:18-4:6 Text Audio-Video
Oct.30/16 Dave Martin, Voice of the Martyrs - "Christian Persecution and Martyrdom" Hebrews 13:1-8 Audio/Video
Oct.23/16 Davies Mpinga - "Living an Intentional Legacy" Prov.22:1; Eccles. 7:1 Text Audio/Video
Oct.16/16 "Get Over Yourself! And into the New You -- with Others" Col.3:1-15 Text Audio-Video
Oct.9/16 "Thankful for Riches, Reasoning, & Reality in Christ" Col.2:1-10 Text Audio-Video
Oct.2/16 EMCC Pres. Phil Delsaut: "The King, the Kingdom, and His People" Mt.13:33;Mk.4:26-34
Sept.25/16 "Making Sense of My Suffering" Col.1:21-29 Text Audio-Video
Sept.18/16 Jamie and Rhonda Thornton, "Faith and Surrender" Mt.14:15-21
Sept.11/16 "Holding It All Together" Col.1:13-20 Text Audio-Video
Sept.4/16 "What Fruit Does the Gospel Bear?" Col.1:3-12 Text Audio-Video
July 31/16 "What Time is It, Mr.Gehazi?" 2Kings 5:20-27 Text Audio-Video
July 24/16 "When God Asks Too Much" 2Kings 5:1-14 Text Audio-Video
July 10/16 "Where is the God of Elijah?" 2Kings 2:1-14 Text Audio-Video
July 3/16 Chris Palmer, "The Power of Prayer" James 5:13-18

June 26/16 "Rebound from Giving God Space" 2Kings 4:8-37 Text Audio-Video
June 26/16 Bekki Decevito - Mission Zimbabwe

June 19/16 "A Father's Role: Tapping and Telling" 1Kings 19:19-21; 21:20-26 Text Audio-Video
June 12/16 "Risking Your Mina for the Master" Luke 19:11-27 Text
June 5/16 "Ridiculous Reasoning and Resurrection Reality" Luke 20:27-38 Text Audio-Video
May 29/16 "Get Over Yourself! The Righteous One was Stuck Up for You" Luke 18:9-14 Text Audio-Video
May 22/16 "Perturbingly Persistent Praying" Luke 18:1-8 Text Audio-Video
May 15/16 "What Difference Does the Holy Spirit Make?" Romans 8:1-17 Text Audio-Video
May 8/16 "The Faithful Disciple: At Another’s Disposal" Luke 17:1-10 Text Audio-Video
May 1/16 "Taxing Grace: Zaccheus – Saved and Giving" Luke 19:1-10 Text Audio-Video
Apr.24/16 Jason Bechtel, New Tribes Mission - "Preparing to Be a Missionary" Acts 13:1-3 Audio Video
Apr.17/16 "Achan's Avarice and the Key to Spiritual Victory" Josh.7:1,10-15 Text Audio-Video
Apr.10/16 "How White the Harvest!" Jn.4:27-38 Text Audio-Video
Apr.3/16 Chuck Talbot, New Tribes Mission - "I Hope So?" 1Pet.1:1-15 Audio Video
Mar.27/16 9 AM "God's Power in Grave and Grace" 1Cor.15:1-11 Text Audio-Video
Mar.27/16 SonRise "Looking in All the Wrong Places" Lk.24:1-12 Text
Mar.25/16 PM "Boldly Going where No Sinner has Gone Before" Heb.10:16-25 Text
Mar.20/16 PM "Make Way for the King!" Mk.11:15-25 Text
Mar.20/16 AM "When the Poor Blotchy Beggar Wins" Lk.16:19-31 Text Audio-Video
Mar.13/16 "Loving the Proud and the Prodigal" Lk.15:1-3,11-32 Text Audio-Video
Mar.6/16 Tiffany & Dawn Uyl: Mission To Haiti 2016 Video
Mar.6/16 "Who's Looking for the Lost?" Lk.15:1-10 Text Audio-Video
Feb.28/16 "Who to Blame When Bad Things Happen?" Lk.13:1-9 Text Audio-Video
Feb.21/16 "The Lord's Lament for the Lost (or, How Not to Be a Naysayer)" Lk.13:31-35 Text Audio-Video
Feb.14/16 Gary Lisle: "Dealing with ANTs" Rom.12:2 etc. Video
Feb.7/16 "Sow to Please the Spirit, Reap a Good Harvest" Gal.5:13-6:10 Text Audio-Video
Jan.31/16 "Blessed with the Spirit by Faith, or Cursed to the Workhouse?" Gal.3:22-29,4:3-7 Text Audio-Video
Jan.24/16 "Blessed with the Spirit by Faith, or Cursed to the Workhouse?" Gal.3:1-14 Text Audio-Video
Jan.17/16 "Justified in Jesus, or Hampered by Hypocrisy?" Gal.2:11-21 Text Audio-Video
Jan.10/16 "A Faithful Forever Friend, not Fickle Fool" Gal.1:1-12 Text Audio-Video
Jan.3/16 "Midian and the Manger" Is.9:2-7 Text Audio-Video
Dec.27/15 "God's Fashion Statement - Do You 'Get It?'" Jn.1:1-18 (Heb.1:1-4) Text Video
Dec.24/15 "Flop - Forgive - Fill - Follow" John 3:16;10:10; 13:34f;16:7,13 Video
Dec.20/15 "No Need for a Selfie: Mary's God-focus" Lk.1:39-55 Text Audio-Video
Dec.13/15 "Reproach and Rejoicing when the Rednecks Come Riding" Zeph.1:4-13;3:11-20 Text Audio-Video
Dec.6/15 Marlow Gingerich, Mennonite Foundation: "Pursue Generosity" 1 Timothy 6:17-19 Video
Nov.29B/15 Community Advent Service: "Peace on Earth...REALLY?!" Lk.2:8-14,22:24-27; Eph.2:11-18 Text
Nov.29A/15 "Strengthened from an Unusual Source, for an Unexpected Visitor" Lk.21:25-36;1Th.3:9-13 Text Audio-Video
Nov.22/15 Brian Murrant, "What, or Who, is a Missionary?" Matthew 25:31-46 Video
Nov.15/15 Daniel Plan #6: "Winning with the Hand You're Dealt" Matthew 25:14-30 Text Audio-Video
Nov.8/15 Daniel Plan #5: "The Awesome Power of Faith" Mark 9:14-29 Text Audio-Video
Nov.1/15 Daniel Plan #4: "Why We Need Each Other" Eccles.4:1,7-16 Text Audio-Video
Oct.25/15 Daniel Plan #3: "Setting Goals in Faith" Php.3:7-16 Text Audio-Video
Oct.18/15 Daniel Plan #2: "What It Takes to Really Change" Rom.12:1-13 Text Audio-Video
Oct.11/15 DANIEL PLAN #1: "God's Prescription for Health: What God Says About My Body" 1Cor.6:12-20 Text Audio-Video
Oct.4/15 Claran Martin: "What We Are Learning from Followers of Jesus in Other Parts of the World" Matt.4:18-22 Video
Sept.27/15 "From Legalistic Bondage to Spirit-living Freedom" Gal.2:17-21; 4:1-7 (5:16-26; 6:7-10) Text Audio-Video
Sept.27/15 Tiffany & Dawn Uyl - DC SERVE 2015 Video
Sept.20/15 "Are You IN -- or OUT? Avoiding the Disconnect" Jn.14:19-24;15:1-12 Text Audio-Video
Sept.13/15 "Christ in You, the Hope of Glory" Col.1:25-2:11 Text Audio-Video
Sept. 6/15 "Purpose for Living in the Face of Death" 2Cor.3:18-4:18 Text Audio-Video
July 19/15 "David - Dealing with Difficulty, Pt.6: Deception and Defeat" 2Sam.15:13-31 Text Audio-Video
July 12/15 "David - Dealing with Difficulty, Pt.5: Desire and Discipline" 2Sam.12:13-25 Text Audio-Video
July 5/15 "David - Dealing with Difficulty, Pt.4: Setbacks and Being Despised" 2Sam.6:16-23 Text Audio-Video
June 28/15 "David - Dealing with Difficulty, Pt.3: Mourning a Dear Friend and an Enemy" 2Sam.1:11f,17-27 Text Audio-Video
June 21/15 "David - Dealing with Difficulty, Pt.2: The Deadly and Ungrateful" 1Sam.23:1-14 Text Audio-Video
June 14/15 "David - Dealing with Difficulty, Pt.1: The Demented and Depressed" 1Sam.18:8-18 Text Audio-Video
May 31/15 "Rachel Weeps: Abortion's Victims - More than You Might Expect" Jer.31:7-20 Text Audio-Video
May 24/15 "How the Holy Spirit Helps Us in Our Prayer Life" Rom.8:9f,14ff,23,26f Text Audio-Video
May 17/15 "No Waiting: Eternal Life Starts TODAY!" Jn.5:19-30 Text Audio-Video
May 10/15 Gary Lisle: "Loving Our Mothers" Jn.19:26f. Audio Video
May 4/15 "Kill -- or Cure?" Jn.5:1-18 Text Audio-Video
Apr.26/15 Teen Challenge London Presentation Ben C. Testimony
Apr.19/15 "The Question that Matters Most" Jn.21:1-22 Text Audio-Video
Apr.12/15 "Reaching and Receiving" Jn.20:19-34 Text Audio-Video
Apr.5/15 Mellissa Lalonde - Testimony Video
Apr.5/15 "From Missing to Meeting: Known, Needed, N.O.K." Jn.20:11-18 Text Audio-Video
Apr.5/15 SonRise "From Seeking to Seeing: A Miracle for our Mess" Jn.20:1-10 Text
Apr.3/15 "The Sign and the Script" Jn.19:17-30 Text
Mar.29/15 PM "The Triumph of the Towel" Jn.13:1-17 Text
Mar.29/15 AM "Foster Faith" Gen.2:15-25 Text Audio-Video
Mar.22/15 "Cultivate Commitment" Php 4:8-20 Text Audio-Video
Mar.15/15 "Rediscover Romance" SoS 2:1-14 Text Audio-Video
Mar.8/15 "Fight Fair" SoS 5:2-8 (Eph.5:1-2,19-28) Text Audio-Video
Mar.1/15 "Increase Intimacy" SoS 4:1-4,9-12 Text Audio-Video
Mar.1/15 "Mission To Haiti 2015: Tiffany and Dawn" Verbal Report Photos Video
Feb.22/15 "Deepening Desire" SoS 1:1-10 Text Audio-Video
Feb.15/15 "Born from Above: What For?" Jn.3:1-21 Text Audio-Video
Feb.8/15 "The Wedding Saver: Rewarding the Faithful - on the Q.T." Jn.2:1-11 Text Audio-Video
Feb.1/15 "Thirst for the Water that Satisfies" Jn.4:5-26 Text Audio-Video
Jan.25/15 "How to Build a Better Temple" Jn.2:13-25 Text Audio-Video
Jan.18/15 "Finding the Messiah Who Finds the Real Us" Jn.1:40-51 Text Audio-Video
Jan.11/15 "Spotlighting God's Lamb: Takes Sin, Gives Spirit" Jn.1:29-39 Text Audio-Video
Jan.11/15 Gary and Maureen Lisle - Testimony Video (YouTube)
Jan.4/15 "All Decked Out: A Deity who Delights in Us" Is.61:10-62:5 Text Audio-Video
Dec.28/14 "And Now, the Sequel... Is Hell for Real?" 2Thess.3:1-10 Text Audio-Video
Dec.24/14 "Savouring Salvation's Significance" Is.52:7-10; Mt.1:18-25 Text
Dec.21/14 "Mary's Miracle Mindset" Luke 1:26-38(46-55) Text Audio-Video
Dec.14/14 "Resources Releasing Rejoicing" 1Thess.5:12-24 Text Audio-Video
Dec.7/14 Pastor Mark Royall: "Get Off Your Donkey" Luke 10:25-37 Audio-Video
Nov.30/14 "Taking a Stand for a Friend" 1Sam.18:1-9;19:1-7 Text Audio-Video
Nov.23/14 "How to Respond to Skeptics?" Jn.4:27-42 Text Audio-Video
Nov.16/14 Sherri Grosz, MFC: "The Rest of God" Deut.5:12-15; Mt.11:28-12:13 Audio-Video
Nov.9/14 "Is Our Faith Blind?" Ps.22:12-19;Is.46:8-13 Text Audio-Video
Nov.2/14 "Where is God when Life Falls Apart?" Ps.14:1-3;Is.55:6-13 Text Audio-Video
Oct.26/14 Phil and Carolyn English: "Consider the Cost" Luke 9:57-62 Audio-Video
Oct.19/14 "Jesus' Controversial Call: Decision, Division, Distribution" Mt.10:32-42 Text Audio-Video
Oct.12/14 "T-H-A-N-K-S" Php.4:1-9 Text Audio-Video
Oct.5/14 Nathan Betts, RZIM: "Help! How Do I Answer That Question?" 1Peter 3:8-16 Audio MP3
Sept.28/14 Tiffany & Dawn Uyl: Hamilton SERVE 2014 Watch on YouTube
Sept.21/14 "Following the Physician: Magnet for Sinners" Mt.9:9-13 Text Audio-Video
Sept.14/14 "What are You Building On?" Mt.7:21-28 Text Audio-Video
Sept.7/14 "God's Prevailing Purpose through Joseph's Pesky Predicaments" Gen.45:1-15(chs.42-44) Text Audio-Video
July 20/14 "Joseph: From Prison to Palace" Gen.41(38-52) Text Audio-Video
July 13/14 "Joseph's Harassment & Integrity" Gen.39(1-6,12-23) Text Audio-Video
July 6/14 "Joseph's Jealous Brothers" Gen.37(1-4,12-28) Text Audio-Video
June 29/14 "Sin's Sneakiness, Law's Limitations" Rom.7(4-14,22-25) Text Audio-Video
June 22/14 "Slaves to Sin -- or Righteousness?" Rom.6:10-23 Text Audio-Video
June 15/14 "A Soldier's Charge" 2Tim.2:1-15 Text Audio-Video
June 8/14 "The Spirit's Domain and Dwelling" Rom.8:1-17 Text Audio-Video
June 1/14 "Exulting in Extremity" Rom.5 Text Audio-Video
May 25/14 "Abraham's Faith-Righteousness" Rom.4 Text Audio-Video
May 18/14 "Natural Law and Fake Spirituality" Rom.2:11-16,23-29 Text Audio-Video
May 11/14 "Influencing the Next Generation" 2Tim 1:1-14 Text Audio-Video
May 4/14 "Why Trust the Bible?" 2Tim 3:8-17 Text Audio-Video
Apr.27/14 "Don't Throw Away Your (baby's/aging/infirm) Life!" Gen.1:24-28; 4:1-12 Text Audio-Video
Apr.20/14 EASTER "'CALLED TO BE SENT' - Live Your Calling: What On Earth Am I Here For? - Part 6" Jn.20:19-23 / various {adapted from material copyright by Rick Warren} Saddleback Audio Video
Apr.20/14 6:30 a.m. Easter SonRise "From Grief to Greeting: Golly!" Mt.28:1-10 Text
Apr.18/14 Good Friday "The Cries from the Cross" Ps.22; Mk.15:22-39 Text
Apr.13/14 Palm/Passion Sunday "'CALLED TO BLESS' - Live Your Calling: What On Earth Am I Here For? - Part 5" Jn.12:12-26 / various {adapted from material copyright by Rick Warren} Saddleback Video
Apr.6/14 "'CALLED TO BECOME' - Live Your Calling: What On Earth Am I Here For? - Part 4" Heb.12:1-15 / various {adapted from material copyright by Rick Warren} Saddleback Video
Mar.30/14 "'CALLED TO BELONG' - Live Your Calling: What On Earth Am I Here For? - Part 3" 1Cor.12:12-27 / various {adapted from material copyright by Rick Warren} Saddleback Audio Video
Mar.23/14 "'CALLED TO BE LOVED' - Live Your Calling: What On Earth Am I Here For? - Part 2" Eph.1:3-8, 3:14-21 / various {adapted from material copyright by Rick Warren} SaddlebackAudio Video
Mar.9/14 "'THE CALL IS FOR YOU' - Live Your Calling: What On Earth Am I Here For? - Part 1" Romans 8:26-30; 9:9-13 / various {adapted from material copyright by Rick Warren} SaddlebackAudio Video
Mar.2/14 "The Pastor's Authority, Priority, and Accountability" 1Tim.5:1-16 Text Audio-Video
Feb.23/14 "Obligations in our Extended Family and Faith-Family" 1Tim.5:1-16 Text Audio-Video
Feb.16/14 Harvey Snell - "Born Again - into the Family of God" John 3:1-8 / various Harvey's notes
Feb.9/14 "Are You in Training - or Tyranny?" 1Tim.4:1-11 Text Audio-Video
Feb.9/14 Mission To Haiti - Jan.2014 - Tiffany & Dawn Video
Feb.2/14 "What to Insist On in Church Leaders" 1Tim.3:1-13 Text Audio-Video
Jan.26/14 "Moorings, Magistrates, and the Mediator" 1Tim.1:18-2:8 Text Audio-Video
Jan.19/14 "If there's Hope for Paul, there's Hope for us All" 1Tim.1:12-17 Text Audio-Video
Jan.12/14 "The Goal, the Game, and the Ground Rules" 1Tim.1:1-11 Text Audio-Video
Jan.5/14 "'Beauty is Skin Deep' - and other HAIR-esies" Lk.7:36-50 Text Audio-Video
Dec.29/13 "Does the Virgin Birth Really Matter?" Is.7:10-16 (Mt.1:18-25) Text Audio-Video
Dec.24/13 "The Most Wondrous Thing About Christmas" Is.9:2-7; Titus 2:11-14 Text
Dec.15/13 "Y Joy?" Isaiah 35:1-10 Text Audio-Video
Dec.8/13 "A Model for Mr. Mayor" Isaiah 11:1-10 Text Audio-Video
Dec.1/13 "Time to Get Up! Get Dressed, Already!" Rom.13:11-14 Text Audio-Video
Nov.24/13 "Witness not Worry in Frightening Times" Lk.21:5-19 Text Audio-Video
Nov.17/13 "Mentoring: Refreshing, Teaching, and Helping Others" 2Tim.1:16-2:10 Text Audio-Video
Nov.10/13 EBC Pres.Dr.M.Boughan - "The College of Christ" 1Cor.1:18-2:16 Video (YouTube)
Nov.9/13 'My Faith Journey' - Allison Elligson ("My Hope" Event) Video (YouTube)
Nov.9/13 'My Faith Journey' - Ernest Dow ("My Hope" Event) Video (YouTube)
Nov.3/13 "Present Sufferings, Future Glory" (Int'l Day of Prayer - Persecuted Church) Is.61:3; Rom.8:15-27 Video (YouTube)
Oct.27/13 "Blessed -- to BE a Blessing" Gen.12:1-3; Gal.3:6-14 Text Audio-Video
Oct.20/13 Sherri Grosz workshop excerpts - "Talking about Money" Video (YouTube)
Oct.20/13 Sherri Grosz, MFC - "The One Percent" Prov.30:7-9; 1Tim.6:6-10 Video (YouTube)
Oct.13/13 "Thankful -- for All the WRONG Things" Lk.14:15-24 Text Audio-Video
Oct.6/13 Dr. Kirk Durston: "Challenges in the Next 20 Years" 2Tim.4:1-8 Audio-Video
Oct.5/13 Dr. Kirk Durston: "Science Responds to a Skeptic" Video
Sept.29/13 "Astrology: In the Stars HIS Handiwork I See" Ps.8 Text Audio-Video
Sept.29/13 "Peterborough SERVE 2013" (Tiffany & Dawn U.) Video
Sept.22/13 "Distress, Division, and Holding It All Together" Lk.12:49-59 Text Audio-Video
Sept.15/13 "Who's Got Your Back?" Jer.11:18-23 Text Audio-Video
Sept.1/13 "Banquetiquette: The Honour of Humility" Lk.14:1,7-14 Text Audio-Video
July 28/13 "Steppin' Time: Taking Initiative" Ps.106:16-31/various Text Audio-Video
July 21/13 "The Heart's Treasure, the Servant's Alertness" Luke 12:32-40 Text Audio-Video
July 14/13 "Pr-ayer: Asking, Trusting, Receiving" Luke 11:1-13 Text Audio-Video
July 7/13 "Martha vs. Mary: Distraction vs. Discernment" Luke 10:38-42 Text Audio-Video
June 30/13 "'The Good WHAT?!' - Overcoming Excuses that Limit Caring" Luke 10:25-37 Text Audio-Video
June 23/13 "Counting the Cost: Is Following Jesus Really Worth It?" Luke 14:25-33 Text Audio-Video
June 16/13 "Fathering with Control and Compassion" Luke 7:1-17 Text Audio-Video
June 9/13 "Drags on Discipleship: What's Holding You Back?" Luke 9:51-62 Text Audio-Video
June 2/13 "Dealing with the Demonic: Danger, Deception, and Deliverance" Luke 8:26-39 Text Audio-Video
May 26/13 "Unpacking Kingdom Secrets for a Screen Generation" Luke 8:9-18 Text Audio-Video
May 19/13 "Hemorrhaging Faith: When Your Sons and Daughters DON'T Prophesy" Acts 2:1-18 Text Audio-Video
May 12/13 Road to Recovery #8 (R.Warren): "Recycling Your Pain" 1Thess.2:1-12; Mt.5:3-12 Text Audio-Video
May 5/13 Road to Recovery #7 (R.Warren): "Maintaining Momentum" Ps.1:1-6; Gal.5:24-6:5 Text Audio-Video
Apr.21/13 Road to Recovery #6 (R.Warren): "Repairing Relationships" Mt.18:15-22, Eph.4:29-32 Text Audio-Video
Apr.14/13 Claran Martin: "An Invitation and Promise from Jesus" Mt.4:17-22 Audio-Video
Apr.7/13 Road to Recovery #5 (R.Warren): "Making Changes" Rom.12:1-3;Php.4:10-20 Text Audio-Video
Mar.31/13 The Twisted Throne - and Roll-out of the Kingdom 1Cor.15:19-26 Text Audio-Video
Mar.17/13 Road to Recovery #4 (R.Warren): Coming Clean (R Warren) Ps.139:23f; 1Jn.1:5-2:2 Text Audio-Video
Mar.10/13 Road to Recovery #3 (R.Warren): Letting Go (R Warren) Mt.11:25-30 Text Audio-Video
Mar.3/13 Road to Recovery #2 (R.Warren): How to Get Help when You Hurt (R Warren) Ps.103:8-14; Heb.11:5-7 Text Audio-Video
Feb.24/13 Road to Recovery #1 (R.Warren): First Steps to Freedom (R Warren) Ps.32:1-5; Rom.7:14-25 Text Audio-Video
Feb.17/13 Teen Challenge London -- Audio-Video
Feb.10/13 God's Inner Spa Treatment Ex.34:29-35; 2Cor.3:12-18,4:6 Text Audio-Video
Feb.3/13 Where is God Sending Me? Jer.1:4-12 Text Audio-Video
Jan.27/13 How can God Communicate with Me? Psalm 19 Text Audio-Video
Jan.20/13 Does God Really LIKE Me? Isaiah 62:1-5; Ps.36:5-10 Text Audio-Video
Jan.13/13 God's Support and Protection through Flood and Fire Isaiah 43:1-7 Text Audio-Video
Jan.6/13 A Leader Worth Emulating Psalm 72 Text Audio-Video
Dec.30/12 Resolute in Fullness, Forgiveness, and Focus Col.2:6-15; 3:1-11 Text Audio-Video
Dec.24/12 Christmas, Facebook-style Luke 2:1-20; Titus 2:11-14, 3:3-7 Text
Dec.23/12 The Ruler who Submits and Sacrifices Micah 5:2-5a; Heb.10:5-10 Text Audio-Video
Dec.16/12 The Secret to Contentment and Joy Is.12; Php.4:4-13 Text Audio-Video
Dec.9/12 Purity, Perception, and Partnership in Sharing Good News Mal.3:1-4; Php.1:3-11 Text Audio-Video
Dec.2/12 Essential Christianity: Real, Relational, Righteous Jer.33:14-16; 1Thess.3:6-13 Text Audio-Video
Nov.25/12 Who's Coming? What's It Matter? Mk.13:24-32 Text Audio-Video
Nov.18/12 Grabby -- or Great? Mk.10:35-45 Text Audio-Video
Nov.4/12 A Biblical Theology of Persecution, by Glenn Penner Is.61:1-3/various Text Audio-Video
Oct.28/12 Horrors of a Hardened Heart Eph.4:17-24 Text Audio-Video
Oct.21/12 Our Means, God's Possibilities Mk.10:17-31 Text Audio-Video
Oct.14/12 Chuck Talbot, NTM Missionary - "Motivation for Ministry" 2Cor.5:11-21 Audio-Video
Oct.7/12 Lavished with Riches in Christ Eph.1:3-14 Text
Oct.7/12 Emily Uyl - "SERVE" Mission Trip, Austin Texas Audio-Video
Sept.30/12 Pastor Dan Walker: "Transition - a Hard Road?" 2Sam.2:1-4 Audio-Video
Sept.23/12 Habitat for Humanity - Huron: "Theology of the Hammer" Is.11:6; Lk.10:25-37 Audio-Video
Sept.16/12 The Curtain Pulled Back on a Mysterious Identity Mk.9:2-13 Text
Sept.9/12 Secrets to an Un-chaffy Life Ps.1;Mk.4:14-20 Text
Sept.2/12 Frustrating Circumstances, Phenomenal Outcome Mk.6:30-44 Text Audio-Video
July 29/12 A King's Contempt, A Poor Man's Lamb 2Sam.12:1-14 Text Audio-Video
July 15/12 Mephibosheth -- and Me 2Sam.9:1-13 Text Audio-Video
July 8/12 The Mobile God Who Plants His People 2Sam.7:1-17 Text Audio-Video
July 1/12 The Danger of Casual Religion 2Sam.6:1-15 Text Audio-Video
June 17/12 Faithful Fathering - Consumer or Committed? Mk.9:14-29 Text Audio-Video
May 27/12 "Power and Joy in Ministering God's Word" 1Thess.1:4-6, 2:8-13,19-20 Text Audio-Video
Mar.18/12 Jesus' High View of Marriage Mk.10:2-12 Text Audio-Video
Mar.11/12 Jesus' Name's Reward versus Sin's Dastardliness Mk.9:38-50 Text Audio-Video
Mar.4/12 Straight Talk about Suffering and True Safety Mk.8:31-38 Text Audio-Video
Feb.26/12 What's a Sabbath For? Who Needs One? Mk.2:23-3:6 Text Audio-Video
Feb.19/12 Stretching & Shrinkage: How Open are You to God's Initiatives? Mk.2:18-22 Text Audio-Video
Feb.12/12 Accessibility, Authority, Audacity Mk.2:1-12 Text Audio-Video
Feb.5/12 Jesus' Accommodation Challenge Mk.1:29-45 Text Audio-Video
Jan.29/12 Equipping the Body for Mature Ministry Eph.4:1-7,11-16 Text Audio-Video
Jan.22/12 Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts (Pt.2) Rom.12:1-8 Text Audio-Video
Jan.15/12 Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts (Pt.1) 1Cor.12:1-11,27f Text Audio-Video
Jan.8/12 What are You Living For? 1Peter 4:1-11 Text Audio-Video
Jan.1/12 The Time has Come -- for What's Coming to You Galatians 4:1-7 Text Audio-Video
Dec.24/11 From Glory to the Gutter - to Profit You Titus 3:1-8 Text Audio-Video
Dec.18/11 Why Would God Love a Sinner Like Me? 1Jn.4:7-16/various Text Audio-Video
Dec.11/11 What's There to Rejoice In? Isaiah 61:6-11/various Text Audio-Video
Dec.4/11 What Makes Peace so Elusive? Psalm 85:1-2,8-13 Text Audio-Video
Nov.27/11 Our Hope, and How It Helps Romans 5:1-5 Text Audio-Video
Nov.20/11 The King's Coming, and Our Seeing Capacity Matthew 25:31-46 Text Audio-Video
Nov.13/11 Encouragement and Exhortation in Testing Rev.2:1-7 Text Audio-Video
Nov.6/11 Making the Cut in the Oil Crisis Matthew 25:1-13 Text Audio-Video
Oct.30/11 Preoccupied and Pretending: Guests Unworthy of the King's Banquet Matthew 22:1-14 Text Audio-Video
Oct.23/11 A Good Old Family Reunion - Sherri Grosz, MFC Luke 15:11-32 Audio-Video
Oct.16/11 The Terrible Tenants - and a Surprise Ending Matthew 21:33-45 Text Audio-Video
Oct.9/11 Thankful for Jesus' Merciful Healing and Provision Matthew 14:13-28 Text Audio-Video
Oct.2/11 "Cleaning Up, Looking Up, Setting Up" - Jason Bechtel 1Samuel 7 Audio-Video
Sep 25/11 The Cost and Reward of Following Jesus Matthew 16:21-28 Text Audio-Video
Sep 18/11 The Kingdom's Value - and our Variable Response Matthew 13:44-52 Text Audio-Video
Sep 4/11 Responding to Calamity - Redemptively Lamentations 3:19-42 Text Audio-Video
Jul 31/11 Israel at Home in God's House - at Last Genesis 35:1-15 Text Audio-Video
Jul 24/11 Crisis, Competition, and Connection Genesis 32:6-8,22-32; 33:10-11 Text Audio-Video
Jul 17/11 Hedging Bets on the Stairway to Heaven Genesis 28:10-22 Text Audio-Video
Jul 10/11 Consider the Consequences Before You Cheat Genesis 27 Text Audio-Video
Jul 3/11 Esau the Hedonist, Jacob the Opportunist Genesis 25:19-34 Text Audio-Video
Jun 26/11 The Church You've Always Longed For - Anticipates a Great Future Acts 9:1-19 Text Audio-Video
Jun 19/11 Father to an Orphan, Leader of an Empire Esther 2:5-11,17-23 Text Audio-Video
Jun 12/11 Encountering the Living God Acts 4:23-31 Text Audio-Video
Jun 5/11 The Church You've Always Longed For - Serves a Broken World Jas.2:14-17 Text Audio-Video
May 29/11 The Church You've Always Longed For - Models Integrity Acts 5:1-11 (20:32-38) Text Audio-Video
May 22/11 Empowering Each Individual Acts 18:24-28 Text
May 15/11 Welcoming Those Different from Us Acts 10:24-35 Text Audio-Video
May 8/11 Gary Lisle, "Capturing the Heart of the Community" Mt.5:13-16 Text
May 1/11 Working at Being A Caring Church Family Acts 2:42-47 Text Audio-Video
Apr.24/11 From Tears to Trust at the Tomb John 20:1-18 Text Audio-Video
Apr.17/11 Crucifying the Old Self with Christ Rom.6:1-14 Text Audio-Video
Apr.10/11 The Benefit of Abraham's Unwavering Faith Rom.4:13-25 Text Audio-Video
Apr.3/11 How can God be Just AND Forgive Sinners? Rom.3:19-31 Text Audio-Video
Mar.27/11 The Problem with Passing Judgment Rom.2:1-11 Text Audio-Video
Mar.20/11 Our Shameful Rejection of God's Best Rom.1:16-25 Text Audio-Video
Mar.13/11 Reputable Agents of the Best Deal Going 2Cor.5:20-6:10 Text Audio-Video
Mar.6/11 Seeing Ghosts, Shunning the Glorious Matt.17:1-13 Text Audio-Video
Feb. 27/11 3Rs of Discipleship: Repent, Relinquish, Re-tool Matt.4:12-23 Text Audio-Video
Feb. 20/11 Two Strangers at my Door: How to witness to a Witness Jn.10:22-39 Text Audio-Video
Feb. 13/11 Secret Power to Love the Unbearable Eph.3:14-4:2 Text Audio-Video
Feb. 6/11 The One Thing the Church Needs to Know 1Cor.2 Text Audio-Video
Jan 30/11 Worldly -- or Workers? 1Cor.3:1-15 Text Audio-Video
Jan 23/11 God's Delight in Choosing Losers 1Cor.1:18-31 Text Audio-Video
Jan 16/11 Quenching Quarrels, Upholding Unity 1Cor.1:10-18 Text Audio-Video
Jan 9/11 Waiting without Weakening 1Cor.1:1-9 Text
Jan 2/11 Time, Eternity, and Making the Most of the Meantime Eccl.3:1-15; Rev.21:1-8 Text Audio-Video
Dec 26/10 "Hello -- God Speaking." Heb.1:1-4; 2:1-4 Audio Video
Dec 24/10 His Middle Name was Christmas Romans 1:1-7 Text Audio-Video
Dec 19/10 Harvey Snell, "God's Love for Sinful Man" Jn 3:16; Rom 5:1-11 Audio Video
Dec 12/10 Joy in What God's Doing Isaiah 61 Text
Dec 5/10 Peace in God's Planting and New Covenant Jer.31:23-34 Text Audio-Video
Nov 28/10 Hope in God's Promise when All Seems Lost Jer.32:1-3a,6-15 Text Audio-Video
Nov 21/10 "The Righteous One who Tends and Cares for the Ravaged" Jer.23:1-6 Text
Nov 14/10 Sherri Grosz, MFC: "Being Poured Out" 2Cor 9:1-14 Audio Video
Nov 7/10 Pottery, Potential, and Peril Jer.18:1-11 Text Audio-Video
Oct 31/10 Hurting for the Plight of Others Jer.8:18-9:6 Text Audio-Video
Oct 24/10 A Glory Abandoned Jer.2:4-13 Text Audio-Video
Oct 17/10 'Global Oneness'? The Trap of Transcending Spirituality Colossians 2 Text Audio-Video
Oct 10/10 Joy and Perspective in Offering Firstfruits Deut.26:1-11 Text Audio-Video
Oct 3/10 Pastor Ralph Van Oostveen, "Give Me That Mountain!" Joshua 14:6-14 Audio Video
Sep 26/10 "The Beauty on the Beast -- and the Bride" Rev.17:1-8,12-18 Text Audio
Sep 19/10 "Bible and Koran: Different Versions or Visions?" 2Peter 1:12-21 Text Audio-Video
Sep 12/10 "Buried Treasure: Unlocking the Riches of God's Word" Psalm 119:9-16 Text Audio-Video
Sep 5/10 "Lessons Learned in the House of Mourning" Eccles.7:1-4; Mt.5:4 Text Audio-Video
Jul 25/10 "Doing or Dawdling?" 2Thess.3 Text Audio-Video
Jul 18/10 "Choose Your Hero: Christ or Antichrist" 2Thess.2:1-17 Text
Jul 11/10 "Purpose and Hope Amidst Adversity" 2Thess.1:1-12 Text Audio-Video
Jul 4/10 "Mr. Chris Palmer: Saved from the PTO Shaft" Audio Video
Jun 27/10 "Prisoners Set a Jailer Free" Acts 16:16-34 Text Audio-Video
Jun 20/10 "Barnabas: Bolstering Boldly Behind the Scenes" Acts 11:22-30 Text Audio-Video
Jun 13/10 "Living Beyond Lust" 1Thess.3:12-4:10 Text Audio-Video
Jun 6/10 "Good News for Non-Jews: Kindness and Clues" Acts 14:8-20 Text Audio-Video
May 30/10 "Bob and Jan Graham, Missionaries to 1st Nations" 2Kings 5:1-19 Audio Video
May 23/10 "Saul Meets the Saving Sufferer" Acts 9:1-19 Text Audio-Video
May 16/10 "God's Freedom to Rattle our Definitions" Acts 11:1-18 Text Audio-Video
May 9/10 "Lydia and Priscilla: Home-based Ministry" Acts 16:11-15; 18:18,24-28 Text Audio-Video
May 2/10 "Adapting to Current Needs" Acts 6:1-8 Text Audio-Video
Apr.25/10 "Fanatical Obedience, Final Authority" Acts 5:27-42 Text Audio-Video
Apr.18/10 "Raney Brown, Missionary to Italy" Col.1:3-14 Audio Video
Apr.4/10 "His Appalling Appearance Makes You Look Good before God" Is.52:13-15,53:8-12 Text Audio-Video
Mar.28/10 "I am participating in a community...on mission to the world." Jn 12.1-8; Php 2:1-11 Text Audio-Video
Mar.21/10 "I am inviting and helping others begin to follow Jesus..." Lk 15:1-3,11b-32; Php 3:4-14 Text Audio-Video
Mar.14/10 "I am learning to be like Jesus in my attitudes, behaviours, character..." Lk 4:1-13; 1Cor 10:1-13 Text Audio-Video
Mar.7/10 "I am Learning to Love God and to Love Others" Lk 13:31-35; Php 3:17-4:1 Text [sorry, no Audio-Video]
Feb.28/10 "I have begun to follow Jesus..." Is.55:1-9/various Text Audio-Video
Feb.14/10 "What Love Won't Do" 1Cor.13 Text Audio-Video
Feb.7/10 "Worship that's a Witness" 1Cor.14:23-40 Text Audio-Video
Jan.31/10 "Building Up the Church" 1Cor.14:1-19 Text Audio-Video
Jan.24/10 "Where was God when Haiti Happened?" 1Cor.15:20-28 Text Audio-Video
Jan.17/10 "Jesus Wear" Col.3:1-17 Text Audio-Video
Jan.10/10 "Christ's Exaltation, Our Exclusion" Col.1:15-23 (2:9-15) Text Audio-Video
Jan.3/10 "New Year's Prayer-solutions" Col.1:1-14 Text Audio-Video
Dec.27/09 "Get Lost in God's House" Luke 2:41-52 Audio Video
Dec.24/09 "The Visitor" John 1:1-14 Text Audio-Video
Dec.20/09 "Fire and Fruit: John the Baptist's Recipe for Reform" Luke 3:7-18 Text
Dec.13/09 "Fire and Fruit: John the Baptist's Recipe for Reform" Luke 3:7-18 Text Audio-Video
Dec.6/09 "'Saved'? From What?" Luke 1:68-79 Text Audio-Video
Nov.29/09 "21:33 - More Sure than 2012" Luke 21:25-36 Text Audio-Video
Nov.22/09 Cheryl Wilts, Mission: Papua New Guinea Romans 10:5-15 Audio Video
Nov.15/09 "Diverting Devilish Desires" James 3:13-4:10 Text Audio-Video
Nov.8/09 "Patience and Prayer in Suffering" James 5:7-18 Text Audio-Video
Nov.1/09 "Hearing the Word, Helping the Distressed" James 1:17-27 Text Audio-Video
Nov.1/09 "Hannah Uyl - Dublin Christian Mission" Presentation Video Slideshow, 150 kbps
Oct 25/09 "Disposed to Discriminate" James 2:1-17 Text Audio-Video
Oct 18/09 "The Tongue's Arson" James 3:1-12 Text Audio-Video
Oct 11/09 "Richly Provided, Richly Sharing'" 1Tim.6:6-12,17-19 Text Audio-Video
Oct 4/09 "Pastor Jim Carne - 'Is God Dead?'" Is.43:14-21 Audio Video
Sep 27/09 "Times of Testing: Joy or Jeopardy?" James 1:2-15 Text Audio-Video
Sep 20/09 "Was it Fair for God to Choose Israel?" Romans 9:1-18 Text Audio-Video
Sep 6/09 "Stilling the Soul to Encounter God" Psalm 131 Text Audio-Video
July 26/09 "David's Battle-sized Coach" 2Sam.5:17-25 Text Audio-Video
July 19/09 "David's Devastation-sized Encourager" 1Sam.30:1-10,18-25 Text Audio-Video
July 12/09 "David's King-sized Avenger" 1Sam.24:1-15 Text Audio-Video
July 5/09 "David's Giant-sized Deliverer" 1Sam.17:22-27, 32-37, 41-49 Text Audio-Video
June 28/09 "OBEY is Not a Four-letter Word" 1Jn 2:3-6, 3:18-24 Text Audio-Video
June 21/09 "Sticking to it: The Basis and Benefits of Belief" 1Jn 5:1-15 Text Audio-Video
June 14/09 "Pernell Goodyear - EMCC Gen.Assembly 2009" Lk.10:1-12 Audio Video
June 7/09 "What does 'Love One Another' look like?" 1Jn 3:11-18 Text Audio-Video
May 31/09 "The Purpose of the Church" Acts 4:23-35 Text Audio-Video
May 24/09 "Caring and Sharing, we make a Difference in the World" - Steve Wright Mt.14:13-21 Audio Video
May 17/09 "Antichrist - or Anointing?" 1Jn.2:15-27, 4:1-6 Text Audio-Video
May 10/09 "Mothers in the Bible" - Gary Lisle Audio Video
May 3/09 "Who are really 'God's Children'?" 1Jn.2:8-3:10(5:18-21) Text Audio-Video
Apr.26/09 "How can we be sure 'God is love'?" 1Jn.4:7-18 Text Audio-Video
Apr.19/09 "Light and Life - or Lies?" 1Jn.1:1-2:2 Text Audio-Video
Apr.12/09 "I am the Resurrection and the Life" Jn.11:17-27,38-44 Text Audio-Video
Apr.5/09 "I am the Gate / the Good Shepherd" Jn.10:1-18 Text Audio-Video
Mar.29/09 "I am the Vine, You are the Branches" Jn.15:1-17 Text Audio-Video
Mar.22/09 "Missionaries Kevin and Michelle Weppler" Zech.8:9-23 Text AudioVideo
Mar.15/09 "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life" Jn.14:1-14 Text Audio-Video
Mar.8/09 "I am the Light of the World" Jn.8:12-18, 9:1-7 Text Audio-Video
Mar.1/09 "I am the Bread of Life" Jn.6:32-51 Text Audio-Video
Feb.22/09 What Does 'God's Calling' Mean? 1Sam.3 Text Audio-Video
Feb.15/09 Why Do We Dedicate Children? 1Sam.1 Text Audio-Video
Feb.8/09 God's Help for a Fresh Start 1Sam.7 Text Audio-Video
Feb.1/09 The Danger of Disregarding God 1Sam.2:12-17,22-25 Text Audio-Video
Jan.25/09 Rights -- or Rewards? 1Cor.9:14-23 Text Audio-Video
Jan.18/09 Consideration for Those who See Things Differently 1Cor.8 Text Audio-Video
Jan.11/09 Honouring God Bodily amongst Sexual Wickedness 1Cor.6:9-20 Text Audio-Video
Jan.4/09 What the Early Church Learned about Prayer Acts 12:1-19 Text Audio-Video
Dec.28/08 Two Seniors with Surprising Insights Lk.2:22-40 Audio Video
Dec.24/08 Three Kings, a king, and a KING Mt.1:18-2:12 Text Audio Video
Dec.21/08 From Fear to Favour: An Astounding Announcement Jn.1:6-8, 19-28 Text Audio-Video
Dec.14/08 'Who are You' - A Witness to One Greater Jn.1:6-8, 19-28 Text Audio-Video
Dec.7/08 Godly Sorrow for Sin - What a Wild Idea! Mk.1:1-8 Text Audio-Video
Nov 30/08 Too Many Messiahs, Not Enough Servants Mk.13:24-37/various Text Audio Video
Nov.23/08 The Coming Inauguration and this world's lame-duck prince Eph.1:15-23 Text Audio-Video
Nov.16/08 Ellen Krahn - EMCC Relief and Development Isaiah 58:3-12 Audio Video
Nov.9/08 Mathematics 101 - Lowell Hunking 2Kings 4:1-7 Audio Video
Nov.2/08 Christians in the Workplace Eccles.2:17-24, 5:18-20 Text Audio-Video
Oct.26/08 Natural Church Development: From Polarized to Pulling Together 1Cor.3:1-17 Text Audio-Video
Oct.19/08 Dangerous Enchantment: Our Fashionable Fascination with the Occult Ex.7:8-13; 8:16-19 Text Audio-Video
Oct.12/08 House of Good Things, Valleys that Sing Psalm 65 Text Audio-Video
Oct.5/08 Gathering and Scattering - Claran Martin Acts 11:19-30 Audio Video
Sept.28/08 Jesus as Priest-King: Commanding and Offering Ps.110 Text Audio-Video
Sept.21/08 Persevering through Praise though Pierced Ps.22 Text Audio-Video
Sept.14/08 Loving Leader, Honoured Husband Ps.45 Text Audio-Video
Sept.7/08 How Secure is Your Levee? Ps.69 Text Audio-Video
Jul.27/08 How to Get from Anxiety to Contentment, Peace, and Joy Php.4:4-13 Text Audio-Video
Jul.20/08 So you think you're pretty hot stuff? You'll be hotter yet! Php.3:4b-11,17-21 Text Audio-Video
Jul.13/08 Why Can't Everybody ELSE be Less Selfish?! Php.2:1-4,12-22 Text Audio-Video
Jul.6/08 Hanging On in Hardship Php.1:18-30 Text Audio-Video
Jun.29/08 The Priority of Simplicity and Sincerity Mt.6:1-8,16-18 Text Audio-Video
Jun.22/08 Umbrella and Harness: Benefits of a Member's Commitment Mt.11:25-30 Text
Jun.15/08 Chuck and Shannon Talbot, New Tribes Mission 1Cor.3:1-11 Audio Video
Jun.8/08 The Priority of Absorption, Assistance, and Agape Mt.5:38-48 Text Audio-Video
Jun.1/08 The Priority of Purity and Promises Mt.5:27-37 Text Audio-Video
May 25/08 Teamwork and God's Church 1Cor.12/various Text Audio Video
May 18/08 The Priority of Relationships and Reconciliation Matthew 5:21-26 Text Audio-Video
May 11/08 Spend Yourselves - with YouthBuilders Isaiah 58 Audio Video
May 4/08 Watered-down Witness Mt.5:13-20 Text Audio-Video
Apr.27/08 Fighting God or Fearless of People? Acts 5:17-42 Text Audio-Video
Apr.20/08 Fooling God a Fatal Mistake Acts 5:1-16 Text Audio-Video
Apr.13/08 Repentance, Refreshing, Rehabilitation in Jesus' Name Acts 3:11-26 Text Audio-Video
Apr.6/08 Priorities in the Converted Community Acts 2:42-47 Text Audio-Video
Mar.30/08 Proofs, Politics, and Power to Change Acts 1:1-11 Text Audio-Video
Mar.23/08 He Broke the Bank - For You Mt.28:1-10 Text Audio-Video
Mar.16/08 The Crown of Thorns 1Pet.1:13-21 Text Audio-Video
Mar.9/08 Christ's Forgiveness: He Chose the Nails Col.2:5-19 Text Audio
Mar.2/08 I will Love You Forever 1John 4:7-19 Text Audio-Video
Feb.24/08 Overcoming: What, How, and Why 1John 5:1-12 Audio Video
Feb.10/08 Sin's Damning Effect Undone Rom.5:12-21 Text Audio-Video
Feb.3/08 The Bible's Believability: NOT 'Cleverly Invented Stories' 2Pet.1:12-21 Text Audio-Video
Jan.27/08 Reward for Redeeming the Rejected Ruth 4 Text Audio-Video
Jan.20/08 Ruth's Risky Resourcefulness Ruth 3 Text Audio-Video
Jan.13/08 Boaz' Benevolence - Welcome the Stranger Ruth 2 Text Audio-Video
Jan.6/08 A Fresh Start - Leaving Bitterness Behind Ruth 1 Text Audio-Video
Dec.30/07 A Tale of Two Kings Mt.2:8-18; Heb.2:10-23 Text Audio Video
Dec.24/07 The Manger: Message to a Distant World Heb.1:1-9 Text Audio Video
Dec.23/07 A Love Story [Gary Lisle] Mk.12:28-34 Text Audio Video
Dec.16/07 Rejoicing in Others' Deliverance Mt.11:2-15 Text Audio-Video
Dec.9/07 Fruit or Fire? Mt.3:1-12 Text Audio-Video
Dec.2/07 Jesus is Coming...Be Ready Mt.24:36-44 Text Audio-Video
Nov.25/07 A Fool and his Money Lk.12:13-21 Text Audio-Video
Nov.18/07 Forgiving Others Frees Us Mt.18:21-35 Text Audio-Video
Nov.11/07 Power to War Against Surprising Enemies Php.3:1-4:1 Text Audio-Video
Nov.4/07 Strength and Contentment Regardless of Circumstances Php.4:10-20 Text Audio-Video
Oct.28/07 Finding Joy and Purpose in God's Work Php.2:12-30 Text Audio-Video
Oct.21/07 What Will Keep Me from Giving Up? Php.1:3-11(19-28) Text Audio-Video
Oct.14/07 An Impossible Debt to Pay Micah 6:1-8 Text Audio-Video
Oct.7/07 How Can I Give Thanks When It's Tough? Ps.100; Php 4:4-7 Text Audio-Video
Sept.30/07 Rooted in Love (Pres.Phil Delsaut) Eph.3:14-21 Audio Video
Sept.23/07 Who Do You Serve? (Gary Lisle) Ps.1:1-3; Jn.15:5-16 Text
Sept.9/07 The Word that Sustains the Weary Isaiah 50:4-5 Audio Video
Sept.2/07 Portrait of the Man God Brags On Job 29 (31:16-23) Text Outline
Aug.5/07 Divine Direction when Discouraged 1Kings 19:1-18 Text Audio-Video
July 29/07 High-stakes Contest: Choosing God over Alternatives 1Kings 18 Text Audio-Video
July 15/07 Turning to God amidst Family Tragedy 1Kings 17:17-24 Text Audio-Video
July 8/07 Canadian Foodgrains Bank 1Kings 17:1-16 Audio Video
Jun 24/07 Benefits of Believing: Peace, Joy, Love Rom.5:1-11 Text Audio Video
Jun 17/07 Dear Dad: A Father's Value Gen.18:16-21 Text Audio-Video
Jun 10/07 Share Good News - by Serving Acts 9:36-42 Text Audio-Video
Jun 3/07 Share Good News - Confrontationally Acts 2:22-24,36-41 Text Audio-Video
May 27/07 Following Your Passions to Discover God's Call, pt.2 Acts 2:1-4; 4:23-31 Text Audio-Video
May 20/07 Following Your Passions to Discover God's Call, pt.1 1Peter 2:4-12 Text Audio-Video
May 13/07 A Feisty Phoenician Female's Faith Mark 7:24-30 Text Audio-Video
May 6/07 Jesus post-Easter: What Does He Want? Rev.2-3 Text Audio-Video
Apr.29/07 Jesus post-Easter: Where Did He Go? Rev.1:9-20 Text Audio-Video
Apr.22/07 Share Good News - Interpersonally Luke 5:27-32 Text Audio-Video
Apr.15/07 Share Good News - by Logic Acts 17:22-34 Text Audio-Video
Apr.8/07 High Stakes, Precious Hope 1Cor.15:19-26 Text Audio-Video
Apr.1/07 Pride, Prayer, and Preparation Luke 22:28-46 Text Audio-Video
Mar.25/07 Share Good News - by Testimony John 9:6-17,24-38 Text Audio-Video
Mar.18/07 Share Good News - by Invitation John 4:27-42 Text Audio-Video
Mar.11/07 Seek God for Satisfaction, Splendour, and Significance Isaiah 55:1-13 Text Audio-Video
Mar.4/07 Handling Rejection without Resentment Luke 13:31-35 Text Audio-Video
Feb.25/07 Feed the Flesh, or Hunger for God? Luke 4:1-13 Text Audio-Video
Feb.18/07 Gambling -- a Bad Bet 1Tim.6:6-16 Text Audio-Video
Feb.11/07 Valentine's Treat: Love's Hidden Filling 1Cor.13; SS 8:6-7 Text Audio-Video
Feb.4/07 Slow Down, You Move Too Fast Is.58:13f; Mt.11:25-30 Text Audio-Video
Jan.28/07 What's the Fuss with Stem Cell Research? Ps.139:1-6,13-16 Text Audio-Video
Jan.21/07 The Spirit's Anointing - for Uplifting Ministry Luke 4:14-21 Text Audio-Video
Jan.14/07 The Spirit's Gifting: A Complete Workout 1Cor.12:12-30 Text Audio-Video
Jan.7/07 How Majestic is Your Name in All the Earth Psalm 8; Rev.21:1-6 Text Audio-Video
Dec.31/06 A Time for Self-Examination (speaker: Harvey Snell) Audio Video
Dec.24/06 An Offer Too Good to Refuse Luke 2:1-20 Text
Dec.17/06 Singing Instead of Shame Zephaniah 3:14-20 Text Audio-Video
Dec.10/06 Refined and Reverent - with Results Malachi 3:1-5 Text Audio-Video
Dec.3/06 God's Building Program: Ministering the Word of Grace Acts 19:8-12; 20:17-20,32-35 Text Audio-Video
Nov.26/06 Provision Principle: Save or Slave? 2Cor.9:6-15 Text Audio-Video
Nov.19/06 Ambassadors of the Good News Mystery Ephesians 6:10-20 Text Audio-Video
Nov.12/06 Adapting Structures to Address Needs Acts 6:1-7 Text Audio-Video
Nov.5/06 God's Building Project: Living Stones 1Peter 2:4-12 Text Audio-Video
Oct.29/06 Hearing God's Voice Speaker: Matthew Courtney Audio Video
Oct.22/06 Discipleship's Bottom Line Mark 8:27-9:1 Text Audio-Video
Oct.15/06 Coming Clean - Below the Surface Mark 7:1-8,14-15,21-23 Text Audio-Video
Oct.8/06 Divine Favour, Human Fretting Mt.6:25-34 Text Audio-Video
Oct.1/06 Marching Orders for Disciples Mark 6:7-13 Text Audio-Video
Sept.24/06 Dare to Reach for Jesus when Hope is Gone Mark 5:21-43 Text Audio
Sept.17/06 Who Pulled the Plug? Mark 6:1-6 Text Audio
Sept.10/06 No Fear 'midst the Fury Mark 4:35-41 Text Audio/Video
Sept.3/06 Demented, Demonic, or Divine? Mark 3:20-35 Text Audio/Video
July 23/06 Returning to God - or Faking It Hosea 14:1-9 Text Audio/Video
July 16/06 Hosea and Gomer: Picture of God's Lovingkindness Hosea 1:2-11 Text Audio/Video
July 9/06 The Consequences of Contempt Hosea 7:3-16 Text Audio/Video
July 2/06 A Country Off Course Hosea 8:1-14 Text Audio/Video
June 25/06 New Nature, Finer Fruit Eph. 5:22-32, 5:1-2,8-10 Text Audio/Video
June 18/06 What's a Dad to Do? Heb.12:1-11 / various Text Audio
June 11/06 Mission to Brazil - Darren, Mary Cook Acts 1:1-8 Audio
June 4/06 Connecting Convicting Companion John 15:26f,16:5-15 Text Audio
May 28/06 EMC YouthBuilders Video
May 21/06 Total Commitment - Gary Lisle Audio
May 14/06 Mother's Day A Mother's Persistence Pays Off Matt. 15:21-28 Text Audio
May 7/06 Standing in the Name Acts 4:1-22 Text Audio
April 30/06 Elymas' Blindness: Debunking the Da Vinci Code Acts 13:1-12 Text Audio
April 23/06 Witness and Wealth Acts 4:32-37 Text Audio
April 16/06 Easter Sunday Where Did Jesus Go? Ps 110 / Ac 10:34-43 Text Audio
April 9/06 Palm / Passion Sunday Has God Forsaken Those who Suffer? Psalm 22 Text Audio
April 2/06 The Touch of the Master's Hand - Jim Fraser, Ark-Aid Street Mission Mark 2:1-12 Audio
March 26/06 Is there Hope for Me when I've Blown It?" Psalm 51 Text Audio
March 19/06 Does it Pay to be Good? Psalm 37 Text Audio
March 12/06 What can Overcome God's Anger? Psalm 103 Text Audio
March 5/06 No Fear in God's Fold Psalm 23 Text Audio
February 26/06 New Creatures and Commission 2Cor.5:14-21 Text Audio
February 19/06 Lasting Hope when Life Hurts 2Cor.5:1-10 Text Audio
February 12/06 Supernatural Splendour in Chipped China 2Cor.4:1-11,16-18 Text Audio
February 5/06 God's Comfort in the Face of Despair 2Cor.1:3-11 Text Audio
January 29/06 Poor Widow, Rich Witness Mark 12:38-13:2 Text Audio
January 22/06 Loving Others Through Helps and Hurts 2Cor.6:11-13,7:2-7,13-16 Text
January 15/06 Loving God Totally Mark 12:28-34 Text Audio
January 8/06 How can I Know for Sure God Loves Me? Psalm 103 Text Audio
January 1/06 Renewing our Covenant with God Dt 29:1f,12-15; Heb 12:22-29 Text Video
December 24/05 The Half-unwrapped Gift Ti 2:11-14,3:4-7; Mt 2:1-12 Text Video
December 18/05 Mary's Wonder at the 'Impossible' Luke 1:26-38 Text Video
December 11/05 The Baptizer's Witness to Mystery John 1:6-9,15-28 Text Video
December 4/05 Announce God's Coming and Comfort Isaiah 40:1-11 Text Video
November 27/05 What are You Living For? 1Peter 4:1-11 Text Video
November 20/05 The Joy of...Suffering?! 1Peter 3:14-17, 4:12-19 Text Video
November 13/05 Blessing Those Closest to You 1Peter 3:1-9 Text Video
November 6/05 The Difference 'Born Again' Makes 1Peter 1:13-2:3 Text Video
October 30/05 Micah's Challenge to be Just and Kind Micah 6:1-8 Text Video
October 23/05 What's a Spiritual Gift FOR? 1Corinthians 12:1-11 Text Video
October 16/05 Have a Gift? Use It! Romans 12:1-8 Text Video
October 9/05 Thanksgiving Hardship's Help, Prosperity's Peril Deuteronomy 8:1-20 Text Video
October 2/05 Worldwide Communion Bun-dled Together: Recognizing the Lord's Body 1Corinthians 11:17-34 Text Video
September 25/05 Mark Chester - 4th Anniversary of LWCF Psalm 51 / Acts 1:1-11 Video
September 18/05 Fools Build on Flood Plans Mt 6:1-4,19-24; 7:24-27 Text Video
September 4/05 Jes' Folks: Finding Bridges to Cross Mt.9:35-38; 10:5-16 Text Video
August 28/05 Celebrating a Season of Joy - Dr David Sloss Video
August 21/05 Making Light of Good Deeds Mt.5:13-16 Text Video
August 14/05 God's Blessings for the Down-and-Out Mt.5:1-12 Text Video
August 7/05 Are You Showing Signs of Life? Mt.7:15-23 Text Video
July 31/05 Messy Spirituality - Phil Main Video
July 24/05 Discovering Your Spiritual Pathway - Lisle Small Group Video
July 10/05 Chuck and Shannon Talbot - Missions Video
July 3/05 Stand on Guard - Against Moral Collapse Leviticus 18:3-5,20-28 Text Video