“High Stakes, Precious Hope”

1Cor.15:19-26 April 8, 2007  Play AUDIO (mp3)  Play VIDEO (wmv)

Stuck on the Downward Slope

 ○     spinning tires in life’s sin-sickness (21f; Rom 5:12)
 ○     Christianity not fideism: considering alternative yields appreciation
 ○     if no resurrection: Christ not raised; preaching / faith useless; apostles liars; still in sins (13-17)
 ○     if no resurrection: dead Christians lost; we are to be pitied / hopeless; party on (18f,32)
 ○     life empty / purposeless without religious boundaries, hope in Christ

Not a Scam

 ○     suspicious emails warrant close inspection, comparison with trusted authorities
 ○     written authority: death/resurrection “according to Scripture” (3f)
 ○     living firsthand witnesses: disciples, 500+, martyrs (5-8)
 ○     non-Christian historians accept fact of His existence
 ○     holy OR hoax: credibility of Christ depends on resurrection; convincing evidence

Made Alive if We’re His

 ○     “but...indeed” offsets 7-fold “ifs”: Christ firstfruits, guaranteeing resurrection (20)
 ○     final destruction of enemies ensures justice, meaning, hope, purpose (24ff)
 ○     belonging to Him requires dedication, letting go other passions (23; Gal 5:24; Lk 11:23)