“Poor Widow, Rich Witness”

Mark 12:38-13:2  January 29, 2006  Play audio

Whose Is It, After All?

•     not a matter of money being ours, but God’s
•     Stoic philosopher recognized have ‘given it back’ (Ecc 5:15; 1Tim 6:7)

Three Counterfeits

•     teachers of the law sought prestige through robes, processions, places of honour (12:38-40)
•     Jesus not impressed by gifts of wealthy: gave out of their surplus (12:41,44)
•     warns magnificent buildings will be cast down regardless of power used to construct them (13:1f)
•     Jesus’ word more lasting than heaven or earth (Mk 13:31)

More than Her Two Cents’ Worth

•     waiting for someone to come, like Simeon for Christ? (Lk 2:25ff)
•     two small coins represent all widow had to live on (12:44)
•     low social status made her very dependent; fully relying on God
•     sacrificial giving like Elliott / Saint missionaries in Ecuador 1955
•     mirrors Jesus’ emptying Himself to make us rich; early church sharing (Php 2:7; 2Cor 8:9; Ac 4:32)

Grow a Church on 19 Cents

•     eggs-treme faith shown by couple learning Biblical stewardship
•     resistance to robbing tithe-box rewarded, spurred others on

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