“Pride, Prayer, and Preparation”

Lk.22:28-46 April 1, 2007  Play AUDIO (mp3)  Play VIDEO (wmv)

Combat - or Kidding?

 ○     Afghanistan conflict videos offered in Canada
 ○     churches play it safe, avoid conflict
 ○     weaken, accommodate rather than contend for truth

The Lamb-Lord’s Legacy

 ○     precious final moments with disciples before arrest
 ○     prayer occurs in context of God’s purpose & power
 ○     Jesus conscious of fulfilling Passover symbolism (15f; Is 53:5,7)
 ○     power originates in God, conferred on servant-leaders (25ff,29; Mt 28:18)

Prayer Succeeds where Pride Stumbles

 ○     Satan desirous of sifting disciples like wheat (31; Job 1:11f; 2:4ff)
 ○     Peter boastful but denial sooner than cock-crow (33; Mk 14:29; Jn 18:15f; Lk 22:34; Prov 16:18)
 ○     prayer based on God’s sovereign plan, foreknowledge, protection, provision (32ff; Rom 11:33, 8:34; Heb 7:25; Php 4:19; 1Tim 6:17)
 ○     docking with mother ship requires right attitude, approach, connection, reception
 ○     unexpected healing a ‘conundrum’ for medical professionals

Go to the Mat: Wrestling Prayer

 ○     commanded to pray so don’t enter into temptation (40,46; Mt 6:13)
 ○     prayer in Gethsemane shows both Asking and Adjustment / Acceptance (42f; Col 1:24; Heb 2:9f)
 ○     bloody sweat / ‘agony’ indicate stress of spiritual battle (44)

Prayer as Warfare

 ○     Watchman Nee: spiritual muscles develop as attack Satan
 ○     spiritual life one of assault, so our spirit truly useful