“Discipleship’s Bottom Line”

Mark 8:27-9:1 Oct.22, 2006  (sorry, no audio or video this week)

Questioning the Unfairness

 ○     tragic accident a shame – but life not necessarily fair (Eccl 7:15)
 ○     Peter rebuked Jesus because Messiah’s death unthinkable

A Key Question in a Pluralistic Place

 ○     Caesarea Philippi associated with Baal, Pan, Caesar
 ○     contemporary influences would lord it over us destructively
 ○     question of Jesus’ identity appropriate in pluralistic society

Fine-tuning “Greatness”

 ○     worldly “greats” may become power-hungry, dictatorial (1Jn 2:15f)
 ○     bullying, domestic abuse / meanness also too common
 ○     3-fold prediction that Son of Man / Messiah must suffer (8:31; 9:31; 10:33)
 ○     Biblical greatness contrary to world’s logic

The Disciple’s Orientation and Obedience

 ○     attitude / action / attainment of unbeliever: mind on ‘things of men’, self-serving, gain world, lose soul, ashamed eternally (33-37)
 ○     profile of the godly: think about God’s things, lose life for Jesus, deny self, save soul - share in Jesus’ Kingdom & glory (1Pet 1:7; 2Tim 2:12)

Carry the Cross – Ugly or Beautiful?

 ○     path to Golgotha full of pain, hardship, suffering...
 ○     parallel to ‘crosses’ in our own life
 ○     cross beautiful when realize Jesus bore it for us, came to our aid at all costs (Is 53:4-6)

Something Better Awaits

 ○     Rockefeller heirs endured long hours labouring in oil fields
 ○     made easier by prospect of something better waiting for them