“Mary's Wonder at the ‘Impossible'”

Luke 1:26-38 December 18, 2005  Play video

An Unexpected Choice and Unsure Reaction

•     when problems arise, God’s control is reassuring
•     angel sent to unexpected location and person (1:26f)
•     grace not based on merit; God chooses the lowly things (1Co 1:26ff)
•     announcement prompts many questions (1:29)
•     God’s favour not a guarantee of smooth sailing: Noah, Moses, Jeremiah
•     Lord’s plans / thoughts higher than ours (Is 55:8f)

An Unequalled Offspring and an Honest Question

•     Jesus to be great, Son of Most High, reign forever (1:31ff)
•     fulfills prophecies of Messiah (Is 9:7)
•     modern political leaders have finite terms, vs. Jesus’ universal Lordship (Php 2:10; Dan 2:34f)
•     natural for Mary to ask how, without doubting or protesting (1:34; Ex 4:13; Gen 18:12; Lk 1:18)
•     Psalms record David’s honest heart-outpourings (Ps 69:7ff,19f,29,13)
•     children’s letters to God very honest

An Incomparable Power and Uncomplaining Obedience

•     God’s power makes miracles possible, as for Elizabeth (1:35ff)
•     Jesus urged same trust that all things are possible with God (Mk 10:27)
•     God’s word accomplishes His purpose, as surely as snow melts to water earth (Is 55:10f)
•     Mary accepts her role obediently as the Lord’s servant (1:38)
•     Gladys Aylward lowly, devoted, determined maid who became famous missionary
•     each called to bring Christ into our individual worlds

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