“Christ’s Forgiveness: He Chose the Nails”

March 9, 2008   Psalm 32 / Col.2:9-15  Play AUDIO (mp3)

On a Hill Far Away and Long Ago

o      Question why Jesus submitted to such injustice

The Hand was the Hand of God

o      God’s powerful hand drove out nations (Ps 44:2f; Is 31:3)

o      Now affixed to the cross

The Nail was the Nail of God

o      Record of charges against us destroyed by nailing to cross (Col 2:14)

o      Spiritually indebted when fail to love God/neighbour (Mt 22:37,39)

o      Jesus was made to be sin (list) for us (2Cor 5:21)

o      Blood provides covering as in Passover

o      Apostles emphasize certainty of our being forgiven (1Tim 4:9f; 1Jn 2:2; 1Pet 2:24)

A Strange Gift / Doing Time

o      Melted gift not quite as appealing

o      Brazil torture ‘inmate’ suffering for all the others