“Share Good News - Confrontationally”

Acts 2:22-24, 36-41 June 3, 2007  Play AUDIO (mp3)  Play VIDEO (wmv)

Torpedoed Amidships

 ○     Colson challenged by friend and CS Lewis’ description of pride
 ○     led to more investigation and profound change

The Change in the Big Fisherman

 ○     Pentecost preacher a different man from denying disciple (Jn 21:3)
 ○     factors impacting: a) Brokenness of Failure (Mk 14:29, 72)
 ○     b) Impact of the Miraculous (Jn 21:6; Ac 1:3)
 ○     c) Reassurance of Jesus’ Grace and Love (Jn 21;15-19)
 ○     shift from what I want to what God’s doing (Jn 21:18; Ac 2:25-28)

A Compelling Approach

 ○     explains significance of events in eternal context (2:18-21)
 ○     shows convictingly their culpability: responsible for Jesus’ murder (23,36)
 ○     God’s kindness a solution for their corruption (22,24,32,36)
 ○     promise of salvation free if repent (39f)

Assertive and Direct

 ○     confrontational evangelist bold, confident, skip small talk (Hybels / Mittelberg)
 ○     need to find balance between truth and love (Eph 4:15, Col 4:6)
 ○     friend identifies shoplifting as symptom of deeper need

In Your Face...for Good

 ○     hypocrite needed challenge in order to truly commit to Christ
 ○     direct-style youth worker helped young woman realize had been re-born
 ○     CS Lewis’ blunt, unsettling statements blew comfortable notions to smithereens