“Share Good News – by Testimony”

John 9:6-17,24-38   March 25, 2007  Play AUDIO (mp3)  Play VIDEO (wmv)

The Mystery of Darkness

 ○     blind hampered by limited visibility - subject to pranks
 ○     light necessary to know the truth of the situation
 ○     need to be letting our light shine before the night comes (9:4; Mt 5:16)

Whaddaya Know

 ○     chapter full of wonder, questions: know / don’t know
 ○     Jesus brings light to make known God’s work (9:5; 8:12)
 ○     meaning linked to wonder; knowing Jesus basis of testimony
 ○     former blind man’s testimony refined as gets re-told (9:11, 15, 25)

The Barrage that Backfired

 ○     questioned by neighbours, who lead him to Pharisees (9:8; Lev 14:3; Lk 17:14)
 ○     leaders question parents, then admonish telling of truth by solemn oath (9:24)
 ○     degenerates into abuse / harassment, pulling rank (9:28ff)
 ○     man’s defence draws on their own arguments, Scripture, and logic, to show Jesus must be from God (Is 1:15; 59:2)
 ○     thrown out of synagogue, but miracle corroborated

Jesus Cares for the Cast-offs

 ○     Christ defends man’s integrity, heals him without asking, finds him when excommunicated (9:3,6,35)
 ○     receives man’s declaration of faith, and worship: God’s work displayed (Mt 10:32; Jn 6:29, 9:3)

Tell It Testimonially

 ○     those with this style communicate clearly, good listeners, connect with others’ experience
 ○     relate your story to friend’s life; don’t downplay your ‘ordinariness’ - easier to relate to
 ○     what is ‘the Gospel according to you’?