“Ambassadors of the Good News Mystery”

Ephesians 6:10-20  Nov.19, 2006  Play AUDIO (mp3)  Play VIDEO (wmv)

 I. "Must be Jesus' grandmother"
 II.Ambassadors: Sent to Represent
 A.Governors General on a Mission
 1.Clarkson / Jean: different styles, same intent
 B.Eph 6:19-20: declaring / making known a message
 C.2Cor 5:20: making appeal, imploring
 D.Ac 26:17: sent to spark a revolution and reception
 III.What's This Mystery?
 A.The ‘Mystery' of Cody's Magic Trick
 B.Col 1:27
 C.Col 2:2-3: full of hidden treasures (as gift to be unwrapped at appropriate time)
 D.Col 4:3: to be proclaimed / broadcast
 IV.The Ambassador's PERSPECTIVE
 A.requires an ability to see the invisible
 2.What did Jesus see when He looked at people? Their heart-needs and eternal state
 a.Mt 9:36
 b.Lk 19:41-42
 3.What's really going on ‘behind the scenes': 2Cor 4:4
 4.People won't be motivated to be Christ's witnesses until we see the gravity – and our responsibility
 V.The Ambassador's POWER
 A.authorized to act on behalf of the state that sent him/her: grant refuge, enact trade deals
 B.V10: our strength must come from God
 C.Resurrection-power: Rom 1:4
 D.Early church learned to tap into God's power for witnessing: Acts 4:28-30
 E.power not our own, not Superman
 VI.The Ambassador's PERMANENCE
 1.Vv 13-14: stand your ground, anchored in God's truth
 2.Apostles were eyewitnesses of Jesus' life, death, resurrection, so certain as to die rather than lie
 a.Paul: 1Cor.15:3-4
 b.John: 1Jn 5:6-8,11-13
 VII.The Ambassador's PROTECTION
 A.Vv 11,13
 B.Need Protection because Precarious / Peculiar: stick out like a sore thumb
 1.if we just ‘blend in' with those who aren't centred on Jesus, something's drastically wrong
 2.Christ's cross makes enemies of those who are this-world centred: Php 3:19-20
 VIII.The Ambassador's PRAYER (hotline to home)
 A.essential for embassies to remain in close communication with home country; may be recalled, given new direction
 B.Vv 18-20
 C.Col 4:2-3
 IX.The Ambassador's PRESENTATION
 A.job is to speak for country in language others understand
 2.some translation required
 3.Col 4:5-6
 4.Ron Hutchcraft
 a.It has to be ‘show and tell': Mt 5:16
 b.Love them in their language
 c.Show them a difference they will notice
 d.Tell your person hope-story:  Jn 9:25 Blind man
 e.Pray the 3-open prayer
 X.More Memorable than the Presidency
 A.Ronald Reagan, Alzheimers 10 yrs