“Turning to God Amidst Family Tragedy”

1Kings 17:17-24 July 15, 2007  Play AUDIO (mp3)  Play VIDEO (wmv)

A Close Call

 ○     daughter’s medical condition prompts emergency stop
 ○     found the only bathtub/phone around

Cry Out to God when Tragedy Strikes

 ○     Israel’s idolatry punished by famine - though widow’s family spared (17:16; Deut 8:3)
 ○     widow questions cause when son dies (18)
 ○     common to associate hardship with judgment (Gen 42:21f; Ezek 21:24; Rom 2:6; Heb 4:13)
 ○     prophet takes up widow’s question before God (20)
 ○     Psalms, prophets examples of crying out to God (Ps 85:5; 86:3; 88:13; Jer 12:1)

Appeal to God’s Sovereign Grace

 ○     simple appeal for God’s mercy in time of need (21; Heb 4:16)
 ○     God big enough to bring about the impossible (Rom 4:17; Deut 32:39; 1Sam 2:6f)
 ○     NT urges us to ask God with confidence, like Elijah (Mt 21:22; Jas 5:15ff)

Acknowledge God’s Word Warrants Our Trust

 ○     Lord grants boy’s life back (21f; 2Kings 4:34; Heb 11:35)
 ○     Jesus, apostles raised dead to life multiple times, yet didn’t guarantee saving faith in onlookers (Lk 7:15, 8:54; Jn 11:43; Ac 9:40, 20:9; Lk 16:31)
 ○     object of miracles to undergird effect of God’s word as trustworthy (24)
 ○     need God’s Word to change us inside, work in us, not just amaze us (1Thess 2:13)

Isaiah’s Desperate Deliverance: God Saves

 ○     complications in baby’s delivery deadly, spark dread
 ○     safe delivery by surgery brings relief, praise for God’s saving help