“Sin’s Damning Effect Undone”

February 10, 2008 Lent 1 Romans 5:12-21  Play AUDIO (mp3)  Play VIDEO (wmv)

“Wright” vs.Wrong: Our Resistance to Sin

o      Kansas pastor aroused controversy by confessional prayer

o      People uneasy when get specific about sin

o      Men of Sodom defensive, accuse Lot of playing judge (Gen 19:9)

o      F Schaeffer: in evangelism, need to help people realize their true dilemma

Turning the Tables: Sin’s Fallout, Grace’s Gift

o      Adam’s legacy reversed by grace of Jesus shown at cross

How Could Anyone Do That?!

o      Abandonment of baby in freezing conditions unthinkable – but typical of ‘sin’ in general

o      Sin intrinsically polluting as well as deserving punishment

A Plain Trespass Forgiven: Pleading the Wounded One

o      Pricey parking ticket called for desperate measures

o      Sin’s wages death, but God’s gift eternal life through Jesus’ wounds