“How Majestic is Your Name in All the Earth”

Psalm 8; Rev.21:1-6 Jan.7, 2007  Play AUDIO (mp3)  Play VIDEO (wmv)
New Year’s Reservations
 ○     passage of time forces us to acknowledge effects of aging
 ○     difficult time of year: family & financial tensions
 ○     need injection of purpose God’s Word offers
God’s Glory in Creation Blows Our Socks Off
 ○     beauty of heavens hints at God’s excellence (8:1; Ps 148:13; Ex 34:5ff)
 ○     heavens make clear God’s eternal power & divinity to all (Ps 19:1; Rom 1:20)
 ○     even secular ‘photos of the year’ showcase wonders of nature
 ○     evidence for intelligent design mounts with fossil record, information theory research
 ○     human chromosome incredibly rich library, wonderfully made (Ps 139:14)
Man’s Minuteness yet Surprising Dignity
 ○     humans weak by comparison, fall short of God’s qualities (8:4; Job 25:6; Ps 39:5,11)
 ○     yet God has raised us up to be rulers, cares for us (8:5f; Ex 4:31; Gen 1:26; 9:2)
 ○     long-term plan: to dwell with us, be our God (Rev 21:3)
New Infancy and Maturity
 ○     God the One who makes everything new (Rev 21:1,5a,6)
 ○     new infancy: praise from children’s lips silences the enemy (8:2)
 ○     childlike attitude key to appreciating God’s Kingdom (Mt 18:3; 21:16; 11:25)
 ○     new maturity: not to neglect this world or be idle, but actively responsible (2Thess 3:11-13)
 ○     care for environment; coalitions, identify with suffering as Jesus did incarnationally