“Valentine's Treat: Love's Hidden Filling”

1Cor.13 SS 8:6f  Feb.11, 2007  Play AUDIO (mp3)  Play VIDEO (wmv)

Love is like... a Caramel Kiss?

 ○     deepening love in relationships not just for couples
 ○     3 parts to Hershey Caramel Kiss like dimensions of love

Don’t be Foiled by Dod Alone

 ○      Heb. ‘dod’ relates to sensual / physical pleasures shared (So 1:13; 2:3; 7:9,13)
 ○     attraction may be dampened by effects of time
 ○     chemistry can be powerfully distracting

The Solid Support of Raya

 ○     Heb. ‘raya’ denotes companion / friend / soul-mate
 ○     positive imaginative word-pictures show support (So 1.9,15; 2.2; 4.1,7; 6.4)
 ○     many ways to use simple expressions to communicate love
 ○     1Cor 13: patient, not rude / easily angered / always (4X) protects

The Passionate Pouring-out of Ahavah

 ○     Heb. ‘ahavah’ passionate love of the will – emotion that leads to commitment, pours itself out
 ○     love stronger than death, more valuable than great wealth (So 8:6f)
 ○     beloved pursues lover, won’t quit until finds & brings him (So 3:1-4)
 ○     1Cor 13: kind, not envy / boasting / proud / self-seeking
 ○     forgiving – as Jesus absorbed the pain for us, laying down His life so we could be saved (Jn 13:34; 15:12f; 1Jn 4:19)

Ready with a Smile

 ○     notable daughter recalls parents’ eagerness to greet each other with warm, delicate affection