“The Priority of Purity and Promises”

Matthew 5:27-37   June 1, 2008   Play AUDIO (mp3)  Play VIDEO (wmv)
●    Sliding Standards
    ○    deteriorating visual standards online / in society
    ○    decline in honour of marriage as institution
●    Fight for Purity, Regardless
    ○    adultery to look at a woman lustfully (5:28)
    ○    power of thoughts to control chemicals, movements
    ○    be radical with eye/hand/mind to avoid being thrown into hell (29f)
    ○    take practical steps to avoid ensnarement
    ○    JI Packer: living chaste frees from danger, being ruled by sin
●    Respect Your Partner by Protecting Your Marriage Promise
    ○    not to divorce wife casually, only for marital unfaithfulness (32)
    ○    church to be a place of healing, forgiveness, recovery for the broken
●    Honour God by Unpretentious Talk
    ○    not to swear by heaven / earth / Jerusalem / one’s own head (34ff)
    ○    more than ‘yes/no’ may be prompted by the evil one (37; Jas 5:12)
●    Practical Help for Holy Living
    ○    Jesus able to sympathize with our weaknesses, yet did not sin (Heb 4:15)
    ○    pastor struggling with visual sin found himself drawn further in steps
    ○    ways to halt the slide before stumble too far
    ○    God wants us to live in godliness and holiness (1Tim 2:2f)