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"Courage: The Choice Needed to Take the Next Step"

August 5/18 Acts 20:17-25  Play AUDIO (32 kbps mp3)


•    Paul’s extensive hardships DAUNTING

•    courage under FIRE (Sicily 1943)

•    confronting HARASSMENT in France

•    grit and grace facing the GRAVE

1) COVERING - The Lord Jesus Has Your Back (Acts 18:9-10)

•    “Do not be afraid... For I am WITH you.” (18:9f; cf Mt 28:20)

•    The Lord will be with you - do not be DIS-COURAGE-D (Deut.31:8)

2) COMPELLING by the Holy Spirit (Acts 20:22-23)

•    warned that prison and HARDSHIPS await

•    Holy Spirit our internal supernatural source of POWER and PERCEPTION

•    COUNSELOR lives with us, in us, teaches us, guides us (Jn.4:17,26; 16:13)

•    Christ’s love COMPELS us (2Cor.5:14)

3) COMMISSIONED to Testify to God's Grace (Acts 20:24)

•    Paul’s objective: complete the TASK Jesus gave him (20:24)

•    SENT (Gk.apostello) to open eyes, turn to light, from Satan’s power to God (Ac.26:16ff)

•    What’s your unique gift God wants you to USE for His glory? (Rom.12:6ff)

4) CONVINCED of the supreme Value and Authority of Christ (Acts 21:13)

•    visual warning: prophet’s hands and feet bound with Paul’s BELT

•    Paul ready to be incarcerated and even killed for the NAME of the Lord Jesus (21:13)

•    ‘name’ represents both PRECIOUSNESS/worth and power/authority


•    God gave Paul the COURAGE to declare gospel boldly despite great opposition (1Thess.2:2)

•    Paul’s notable NERVE facing challenges (Ac.14:19f; 13:9f; Gal.2:11,14; Ac.28:3ff; 19:30f; 21:39)

•    John Wesley impressed by Moravians’ calmness during storm damage to ship vs. others’ SCREAMING

•    “Take COURAGE - it is I - don’t be afraid” (Mt.14:27)