“A Fool and his Money”

Nov.25/07  Lk 12:13-21  Play AUDIO (mp3)  Play VIDEO (wmv)

The Intruder

 ○     treasure in heaven safe from thief / moth (12:33)
 ○     rodents threaten cozy security
 ○     unforeseen death servicing fireplace in BC apartment
 ○     post-Thanksgiving spending can’t guarantee happiness

More in Stock Not Necessarily More Security

 ○     Jesus warns against greed, e.g. estate distributions (13ff)
 ○     inadequate space to store bumper crops (17f)
 ○     inner dialogue projects complacent self-centred consumer future (19)
 ○     Nabal could only think of ‘my’ bread / meat etc. (1Sam 25:11)
 ○     God rebukes fool for pointless preparation prior to perishing (20)
 ○     foolish people ignore God, presume life within their control (Ps 14:1; Jas 4:13ff)

Valuing the Kingdom and the Father’s Pleasure

 ○     offering / giving reminds us of dependence on God’s grace (11:42; 1Cor 16:2; 2Cor 9:6ff)
 ○     seek the Kingdom God is pleased to give us (12:31f)
 ○     be rich toward God, rich in faith, loving Him (Jas 2:5)
 ○     don’t put hope in uncertain wealth, but in God - so can share generously (1Tim 6:17ff)

Modelling What’s Important in Life

 ○     innocent victim modeled Christian faith, kindness, what’s most important
 ○     had something that made others want to be like him