“Jesus Post-Easter: (B) What Does He Want?”

Rev.2-3 May 6, 2007  Play AUDIO (mp3)  Play VIDEO (wmv)

Messages - Spam or Special?

 ○     much mail recycled; personal notes “keepers”
 ○     letters to 7 churches direct messages from the Lord

I Know You

 ○     common format, but custom-tailored for each church
 ○     identification: Jesus the answer to our deepest need (Mt 26:63f)
 ○     knows the situation of each church; searches hearts, guides, repays (2:23; Jer 17:10)


 ○     accentuates the positive: deeds, love, service, perseverance (2:2,9,13,19; 3:4,8,10)
 ○     catch someone doing something right - and praise them a minute


 ○     churches suffering persecution from Jews encouraged to be faithful, hold on (2:10,25; 3:11)
 ○     have trouble in this world, but Jesus has overcome: related to faith (Eph 6:13; Jn 15:33; 1Jn 5:4)


 ○     Jesus offers discipline because He loves us (3:19; Heb 12:5-8; Prov 3:11f)
 ○     Coldness: 1st love forsaken, dead contrary to reputation (2:4f; 3:1f)
 ○     Complacency: wealthy churches not ‘rich toward God’ (3:17f; Lk 12:21; Mt 5:3)
 ○     Compromise: Emperor worship prominent; Gnostics lived without restraint (2:13,20,24; Ac 15:29)
 ○     Corruption: false apostles / prophetess, will be punished with suffering (2:2,20; Ac 5:5,10)

What Jesus Wants Most

 ○     intimacy of new name known to no one else (2:17)
 ○     Jesus wants to give us Himself, walk / dine / rule with us (2:28, 22:16; 3:4,10,20f)
 ○     watch out for idols (1Jn 5:21)