“Dear Dad: A Father’s Value”

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Stench Across the Pond

 ○     UNICEF report places Britain last in children’s quality of life
 ○     high rates of teen pregnancy, STDs, alcohol / drug abuse, crime
 ○     shocking instances of increasing heartlessness
 ○     state economic policies encourage fathers to leave home
 ○     electronic amusements can distract a father’s attention from parenting

Abraham’s Mission ‘midst Sodom’s Destruction

 ○     For Christians, Abraham our ‘father’ spiritually speaking (Rom 4:11,16f)
 ○     Sodom drew Lot, delivered by Abraham from King Kedorlaomer (Gen 13:13; 14)
 ○     grievous sin / great outcry prompt God’s punishment: immorality, injustice (Gen 18:20ff; 19; Ezek 16:49f)
 ○     God chose Abraham to direct his children/household to keep God’s way by doing what’s right & just (Gen 18;18f)
 ○     part of God’s plan to bless all peoples on earth through Abraham (Gen 12:2f)

Instruction a Dad’s Key Role

 ○     if hearts of fathers not turned to their children, curse unfolds (Mal 4:4-6)
 ○     impress God’s commands on children, all the time (Deut 6:6-9)
 ○     bring kids up in Lord’s training/instruction, manage family well (Eph 6:4; 1Tim 3:4f)

Face the Music

 ○     make use of available aids/media to teach Bible truth
 ○     re-directing heavy metal music to carry a better meaning