“Fruit or Fire?”

Dec.9, 2007   Mt.3:1-12  Play AUDIO (mp3)  Play VIDEO (wmv)

Startling Messenger, Blunt Message

 ○     unconventional retiree lives on the edge with nature
 ○     prophets call from the edge to return to life’s basics

Turn Back - Disaster Ahead

 ○     closed snowy roads or bridges out persuade us to turn around
 ○     Baptist’s call to clear road, change attitude / behaviour (Is 40:3; Mt 3:1,8,11)
 ○     echoed OT prophets’ cry to turn from evil ways rather than die (Joel 2:12; Ezek 33:11)
 ○     repentance shown by peoples’ response, confession, baptism, fruit (5f,8)
 ○     clear choice between God’s Kingdom and destruction: axe / winnowing fork & fire (12)

The Sneakiest Sin of All

 ○     Pharisees & Sadducees singled out for pride (7,9)
 ○     beware overcoming more obvious sins only to succumb to ‘respectable’ sins

Modern-Day Calls to Kingdom Living

 ○     link between repentance and peace: get right with God & neighbour, humble self as servant
 ○     Bruxy Cavey: challenge to downscale lifestyle in order to donate to charity
 ○     Denyse O’Leary: using mind to challenge lie that God scientifically irrelevant
 ○     Devon Hill ‘metalhead’ using internet to share his life change; servant deeds back up words