“The Bible’s Believability: NOT ‘Cleverly Invented Stories’”

February 3, 2008   2Peter 1:12-21  Play AUDIO (mp3)  Play VIDEO (wmv)

Tents and Testaments

o      Life transitory: illness, accident

o      Apostle Peter conscious soon putting off body-tent (12-15)

o      Not matter but God’s revelation “really real” (Mt 24:35; 2Pet 3:5,7,10,13)

The Reality of the Revelation

o      Apostles eyewitnesses of Jesus’ glory at Mount of Transfiguration (16-18; Mt 17)

o      Imagine several years’ worth of “Paul Henderson” moments

o      Words of prophets from centuries before fulfilled, ‘made more certain’ (19-21)

o      Prophetic insight not from human source, but moved by God’s Spirit (21)

Pay Attention to “the Ring of Truth”

o      Jesus the chief witness to Scriptures’ reliability (Jn 10:35, 17:17; Mt 5:18, 12:41, 24:38)

o      Physical sciences increasingly support Biblical worldview

o      Evidence from archaeology, abundance of manuscripts

o      “ring of truth” convincing as we read it