“Matthew’s Motley Crew: Sharing Good News Interpersonally”

Luke 5:27-32 Apr.22, 2007  Play AUDIO (mp3)  Play VIDEO (wmv)

‘Fishers of Men’: What’s Your Angle?

 ○     huge sturgeon caught by small hook
 ○     people leery of some types of ‘evangelism’, hook - like telemarketing (Mt 4:19)
 ○     truly Good News requires unconditional love
 ○     love for neighbour unselfish, sacrificial - if as Jesus loved (Mt 22:39; Jn 13:34, 15:13f)

An Amazing Association

 ○     miraculous catch of fish, healing of leper & paralytic: everyone amazed (5:6,15,26)
 ○     Levi’s call comparatively un-dramatic (27; Jn 1:48)
 ○     chasm separating tax collector socially: despised, hated, ‘scum’ (5:30; Lk 19:8)
 ○     complete dedication required for tax collector to quit job

Inviting the Unexpected

 ○     Levi representative of all believers: foolish, weak, lowly, despised (1Cor 1:26ff)
 ○     need to admit our need of a doctor, e.g. murderous thoughts (Rom 3:10ff; Lk 5:31f; Mt 5:21f)
 ○     Good News that Jesus came to save sinners - even the worst (Lk 19:10; 1Tim 1:15f)

Throw a ‘Matthew Party’

 ○     large crowd of fellow tax-gatherers natural pool for friendship-evangelism (5:29)
 ○     interpersonal style: warm, people-centred, deep communication
 ○     golfing, holiday events, share a meal, watch sports, share babysitting / outdoor work
 ○     former friends / school acquaintances may respond to contact