“An Impossible Debt to Pay”

Micah 6:1-8 October 14, 2007  Play AUDIO (mp3)  Play VIDEO (wmv)

Mixed-motive Mercy

 ○     Forgiveness essential; appreciate God’s forgiven us (Mt 6:12)
 ○     developing countries struggle, millions die as result of debt crunch
 ○     give grudgingly or gladly depending if understand God’s grace

Israel’s Incredible Inequity / Iniquity

 ○     Israel & Judah materially prosperous, morally bankrupt
 ○     idolatry, coveting, theft, corruption (Micah 1:7; 5:13f; 6:7,16; 2:1f,8f; 3:1f; 7:3)
 ○     trust in military, dishonest merchants, disrespect in families, bloodthirsty (5:10; 6:11f; 7:6; 7:2)

Would You Give the Shirt Off Your Back?

 ○     Canada somewhat similar: growing gap between rich/poor; family/marital fractures
 ○     shirt from Vietnam symbolizes disparity of values
 ○     tiny portion of coffee sale gets back to the farmer

God’s Immense Grace Offsets Our Massive Debt

 ○     courtroom case shows how much God has done for people - hasn’t wronged them (6:2-5)
 ○     justification through Jesus’ sacrifice demonstrates God’s righteousness (Rom 3:25f)

Respond with Humble Mercy

 ○     material offerings entirely unsatisfactory compared to God’s gift (6:6f; Ps 50:9)
 ○     What does God want/require? act justly, love mercy, walk humbly with Him (6:8; Hosea 6:6)
 ○     ‘live simply that others may simply live’; compassionate, humble, kind (1Pet 3:8; 5:5)