“Proofs, Politics, and Power to Change”

March 30, 2008   Acts 1:1-11  Play AUDIO (mp3)  Play VIDEO (wmv)

Longing for OUR Kind of Leader

o      Presidential nominees getting lots of media attention

o      Disciples’ question of risen Lord shows earthly thinking (1:6; Mk 9:34, 10:37,41)

o      Hope that Messiah would bring power over other nations

o      Not for us to know dates God’s set by His authority (7)

Lord of Our Time

o      Wait for the gift God promised (4; Mt 24:42, 25:13; Ps 27:14; Hos 12:6)

o      Not a good witness to be always rushing / late

Lord of Our Emptiness

o      People turn to wrong sources for amusement / anesthesia

o      Baptism with Holy Spirit connects us with God’s Kingdom (5; Mt 6:33; Lk 12:31)

o      Jesus’ kingship not worldly, but within His followers (Jn 18:36; Lk 17:20f)

o      God’s Kingdom incompatible with ‘deeds of the flesh’ (Rom 14:17; Gal 5:19ff)

o      Give Jesus’ Lordship a ‘remote’ chance

Lord of Our Expression

o      Holy Spirit’s power: will be Jesus’ witnesses (8)

o      Other passages emphasize disciple-making, preaching, announcing forgiveness (Mt 28:18ff; Mk 16:15; Lk 24:47; Jn 20:21ff)

Pull Rank, or Come Alongside?

o      Winnipeg outreach seeks to help kids reach their potential instead of develop problems

o      Disruptive boy just wanted companionship; avoided being sent home

o      Christ’s love reaches others when we ‘go in there and love them’