“Jesus is Coming...Be Ready”

Dec.2, 2007 Mt.24:36-44  Play AUDIO (mp3)  Play VIDEO (wmv)

Changing Climate: Expect the Unexpected

 ○     sloping driveway problematic when icy
 ○     don’t normally expect our plans to be interrupted
 ○     Jesus will come when least expected (36, 42, 44)
 ○     owner doesn’t know when thief will break in (43; 1Thess 5:2; Jn 16:15)
 ○     people in Noah’s day surprised by flood from nowhere (38ff)

The Thief is Choosy

 ○     universality: all nations will mourn to see Son of Man come (30)
 ○     won’t miss it; not ‘invisible’ as Watchtower Society teaches (27)
 ○     mourning because wickedness increased, love grown cold (12)
 ○     selectivity: gathering of elect/chosen - one taken, other left (31, 40f)
 ○     caught up (‘raptured’) to meet the Lord, be with Him forever (1Thess 4:17; Jn 14:3)
 ○     Jesus sovereign over heaven and earth; words over matter (35)

Watchful Readiness

 ○     basis of choice: trust in / know / love / obey the Lord (Jn 14:1,7,12,15)
 ○     keep clothes of righteousness so not ashamed (Rev 16:15; Eph 4:24, 6:14)
 ○     keep watch so not taken by surprise like householder (42f)
 ○     Gaza militants’ mindset / Iran EMP training heighten threat of cataclysm
 ○     should expect a major nuclear event (W Buffett)

Beware the Slippery Slope

 ○     flood at Noah’s time due to evil inclination of human heart
 ○     keep watch over our own inclinations