“Gambling – a Bad Bet”

1Tim.6:6-16 Feb.18, 2007  Play AUDIO (mp3)  Play VIDEO (wmv)

An Attractive, Accepted Trap

 ○     gradual increase of gambling in Canada until found everywhere
 ○     Provincial coffers now dependent on gambling revenues ($12.7B gross)
 ○     Trillium Foundation good causes, bad source

Wrong on All Counts

 ○      greed - ‘get rich quick’, love of money - plunge to ruin (1Tim 6:9f; Lk 12:15)
 ○     idolatry - not content, trusting that God will provide our needs (Col 3:5; 1Tim 6:6,8,10; Php 4:11f,19)
 ○     covetousness (Ex 20;17; Lk 12:32ff)
 ○     stewardship - using poorly resources entrusted (Mt 25:14-30)
 ○     sloth / work ethic: ‘something for nothing’ (Prov31; 2Thess 3:10; 1Tim 5:8)
 ○     not fleeing temptation (1Thess 5:22; 1Cor 6:18; 2Tim 2:22)
 ○     attacks love for neighbour: profit at others’ expense (Mk 12:31)
 ○     exploitation of the poor, who spend more proportionately than the wealthy (Prov 14:21; 14:31; 22:16; Is 3:14f; Amos 5:11f; Zech 7:10a)
 ○     subverts the role of government (Rom 13:1-5)

Plunging Into Ruin

 ○     household expenditure $1,080 avg; problem gamblers 21% of income
 ○     large number of addicts but little money for treatment compared to promotion
 ○         costs in crime, welfare, closing businesses
 ○     cost to families: divorce, abuse, children hurt, suicide
 ○     disturbing increase in gambling among youth

Getting Help

 ○     EFC Gambling Toolkit: pray, become informed, network, raise awareness
 ○     help problem gamblers: support groups, Friends4Friends
 ○     be able to spot the signs of pathological gambling