“Lasting Hope when Life Hurts”

2Cor.5:1-10  Feb.19, 2006  Play audio

Groans, Aches, & Crashes

•     impressive Winter Olympics have painful downfalls
•     Biblical view of body positive, yet acknowledges groaning (1Cor 6:13,15,20; 2Cor 5:4)

Belief in a Better Building

•     resurrection body more lasting than earthly “tent” (1Cor 9:1; 2Cor 12:4,7; 5:1)
•     bodies raised in glory, “clothed” - transfiguration (2-4; Mk 9:2; Gen 3:7; 1Cor 15:42ff)
•     mortal ‘swallowed up’ by life - instant change (4; Jonah 1:17; 1Cor 15:52)
•     at home or away from body / Lord: longing mirrors ‘empty nest’ in heaven (6-9)

Positives of the Christian View

•     popular funeral poem supposes un-Biblical disembodiment
•     it’s all right to weep and mourn, but have hope (Jn 11:35f; 1Thess 4:13)
•     1) Confidence: to die is gain, so take heart (5f,8; Mt 9:2,22; Php 1:21)
•     2) Significance: made for a purpose, have goal to please Christ at judgment (5,9f; Mt 27:19, 12:36; Eph 6:8; 1Cor 3:13ff; Rev 20:11ff; Lk 14:14; 1Cor 4:5)
•     3) Companionship: ‘at home’ with the Lord in eternity, abide in Him (Jn 15:4, 14:23)

Light in the Window: Someone’s Home, Waiting

•     painter Thomas Kinkade longed for home with lights on
•     praying at altar call, felt God lift him from darkness
•     windows of heaven glow because Someone’s waiting

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