“Loving God Totally”

Mark 12:28-34 / various  Jan. 15, 2006  Play video

40 Years Back in the Gutter

•     changed drunkard giving back God’s love to others at rescue mission

What Matters Most to God

•     ‘Shema’ declares loving God first priority (Deut 6:4f; Mk 12:29)
•     love greatest, what counts; church rebuked for falling from first love (1Cor 13:13; Gal 5:6; Rev 2:4f)
•     God tests whether we love Him; properly ‘jealous’ (Deut 13:3; Jn 21:17; Ex 20:5; Deut 6:15; Ps 97:10)
•     not loving the world, but have desires met in God (Ps 73:25f; 1Jn 2:15f)
•     not live for ourselves or “religiosity” / ritual (2Cor 5:14f; Lk 11:42; Jn 5:39ff)
•     love for God not rivalled by love for idols or even relatives (Mk 12:32; 10:37f)
•     Thomas willing to die with Jesus; needs God’s operation on heart (Jn 20:25; Deut 30:6; 2Thess 3:5)
•     Bonhoeffer’s 5 ‘deaths’ to: relationships; success; flesh; love of money; physical life

Love’s Link with Obedience and Others

•     loving God associated with keeping His commands (Deut 7:9; 11:1; Josh 22:5; Jn 14:15,21,23)
•     chief command? Love each other / neighbour (Jn 15:12; Mk 12:31; Mt 25:40)
•     show love to God as help others; can’t love God if no pity on needy (Heb 6:10; 1Jn 3:17; 4:20)

Positive Results and Rewards

•     become known by God, “at home” (1Cor 8:3; Jn 14:23)
•     enjoy access to God, joy, answered prayer, protection (Is 56:6f; Rom 8:28; Ps 91:14, 145:20)
•     heavenly reward: crown of righteousness / life, the kingdom, unimagined blessings (2Tim 4:8; Jas 1:12, 2:5; 1Cor 2:9)

Love’s “Waste” for the Little

•     elderly pensioner’s desire to meet President sadly unwarranted
•     Ford executive intervened, Reagan in compassion took costly time
•     our love for God in response to His mercy and undeserved grace (Ps 116:1)

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