“Jes' Folks: Finding Bridges to Cross”

Matthew 9:35-38; 10:5-16    Sept. 4, 2005  Play video

Ready or Not, Here We Come

•    tactless attempts to evangelize can be painful

Urgency of the Appeal

•    crowds harassed, helpless, lost sheep; plentiful harvest needs workers (9:36; 10:6,15)
•    Satan’s destruction leaves spiritual ‘road kill’
•    brevity of life shown by hurricane, suicidal alcoholic

Boldness of the Announcement

•    teaching, preaching the good news, healing disease (9:35; 10:7)
•    authoritative proclamation important to be heard
•    M Cook funeral a testimony to her preaching by actions
•    God is Lord of the harvest, works in hearts; not up to us (9:38; 10:14)
•    give freely as we have received (10:8)
•    respect people’s freedom, make aware of their responsibility
•    litter clean-up led to genuine conversion

Carefulness of the Approach

•    easy to miss a turn when several bridges
•    search for worthy person to convey peace: receptive (10:11ff)
•    Lydia, jailer in Philippi were “Person of Peace” ready to hear Gospel (Acts 16)
•    stalled on freeway - discover others’ stories, help each other out
•    waitress eager to share burden when asked if would like prayer
•    tactful if “shrewd as serpents, innocent as doves” (10:16)

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