“The Consequences of Contempt”

Hosea 7:3-16   July 9, 2006  Play AUDIO (mp3)  Play VIDEO (wmv)

Outraged by Contempt

○    National War Monument desecration draws reaction
○    party hearty attitude of younger generations competes with obligations

Spurning their Saviour

○    God about to repay Israel for their contempt / rejection / rebellion (Hos 12:14; 4:6,16; 5:5; 7:13-16)
○    contempt like Assyrian blasphemy/insult, or Goliath’s defying of army (2Kings 19:4,15; 1Sam.17:10,25f,36; cf 2Sam21:21)
○    family relationships damaged by pride or disdain

Leaders Most to Blame

○    leaders set negative example at home, religious sites (4:14,8)
○    king & princes debauched by drunkenness, lust, intrigue (5:10; 9:15; 7:4-7)
○    Enron founder’s fraudulence affected thousands of employees, investors

A Sure Path to Ruin

○    destruction & ruin brought on by pride (Prov 16:18; Hos 4:6,4,19)
○    Israel vanishing like smoke or mist, incurable sores, moth-eaten (5:12,19; 9:16; 13:3)
○    Lord tearing to pieces like lion, leopard, bear robbed of cubs (Hos 5:14; 13:7ff)
○    inhumane killing of young ones forecast, at hands of brutal Assyrians (9:13; 13:16)

Repairing the Faulty Bow

○    irreparable write-off as crooked bow due to ignorance and stubbornness (7:16; 4:6,14,16f)
○    training 4H heifer to lead required overcoming resistance to the halter
○    though want to thresh, Lord may be asking us to break up unplowed ground (Hos 10:11f; Mt 11:29f)
○    examples of ordinary people stepping into the gap, breaking new ground