“Feed the Flesh, or Hunger for God?”

Luke 4:1-13 Feb.25, 2007  Play AUDIO (mp3)  Play VIDEO (wmv)


 ○     even pontiffs have their secret wishes
 ○     Jesus resisted temptations to do/be other than God planned for Him

Stones to Bread

 ○     power of Scripture to overcome harmful substance addictions, truly satisfy
 ○     Chuck Colson ‘radicalized’ not by prison but God’s word - hunger for righteousness

Power’s Attraction

 ○     money helps us think we’re in control
 ○     material spending reveals our priorities - with accompanying woes

Self-elevation: Tempting God by Presumption

 ○     Lawrence of Arabia an exhibitionist, but encountered human limits

Saying “No” to the Tempter: by Knowing & Remembering God’s “Yes”

 ○     conscious of being accepted by God through voice at baptism
 ○     verses recalled locate Jesus at the centre of God’s plan
 ○     life about knowing God, not accumulating ‘stuff’
 ○     Lent an opportunity to give everything over to the Lord: relinquishment
 ○     buying shovel for neighbour created witnessing opportunity, overcame bitterness