“What’s the Fuss about Stem Cell Research?”

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Big Stakes, Big Questions

 ○     stem cell research hot topic in US election
 ○     IVF clinics popular, but ‘spare’ embryo conundrum

God’s Embrace of Embryos

 ○      God knows us intimately, relationally (1-6; Gen 4:1,17, 25)
 ○     the Lord’s Care in our Conception: knit us together in the womb (13-16; Lk 1:41,44)
 ○     the Delicacy of God’s Design: wonderfully made (14)
 ○     complicated process; detrimental effects of tinkering
 ○     our Purpose as God’s Person: days ordained for us before started (16; Jer 1:5)

Principled or Pragmatic?

 ○     EFC principles - inherent dignity & worth from conception to natural death
 ○     ethics analysis based on principles vs. utilitarian approach
 ○     moral status NOT irrelevant even if embryos “to be thrown in the garbage”

Brave (& Risky) New World

 ○     newspaper reports of disturbing practices, despite moratorium / legislation
 ○     pressure mounting to create embryos specifically for destructive research
 ○     danger of vast negative consequences; exploitation of the vulnerable

Do Unto Others...

 ○     same logic for discarding embryos could be applied to others / us
 ○     do to others as we’d have them do to us (Lk 6:31)