“Power to War against Surprising Enemies”

Philippians 3  Nov.11, 2007  Play AUDIO (mp3)  Play VIDEO (wmv)

Friend or Foe?

 ○     some see radical Islam as the ‘enemy’
 ○     called to love our neighbour; struggle against spiritual forces (Eph 6:12)

Identify the Enemy

 ○     outward appearance: circumcision party puts confidence in the flesh (2)
 ○     inner appetite: those who want to feel good make their stomach their god; shameful activity (18f)
 ○     Hitler cared about strength & victory, not what’s right

Clarify the Objective

 ○     to know Christ: glory in Him, experience His power & fellowship (3, 8, 10)
 ○     to become like Christ: ‘morphed’ with Him, transformed so like Him, made perfect (10, 21, 12)
 ○     to be with Christ: prize of heavenward call, where our citizenship is (14,20)
 ○     Churchill clear on single aim

Know Your Ally

 ○     Jesus provides righteousness, resurrection power, fellowship in suffering (9ff)
 ○     purpose/security ‘taken hold of’ by Him, power to transform, stand firm (12, 21, 4:1)

Train Your Focus

 ○     watch out for evil-doers (3X; 3:2)
 ○     consider this world’s treasures a loss (7f)
 ○     take a view, take note of the exemplary (15, 17)
 ○     eagerly await Saviour’s return (20)

Seeing Victory ‘midst the Rubble

 ○     Churchill resilient despite bombing of Blitz: policy to wage war against monstrous tyranny