“Witness & Wealth”

Acts 4:32-37   April 23, 2006  Play audio

Spending Our Way Into Slavery

•     financial shape a problem for many
•     national deficit / farmers / pharmacists feel money crunch

A Great and Gracious God...

•     unnatural for people to share: tend to be greedy instead
•     apostles testified to resurrection with power (32)
•     God’s authority and power of Jesus’ name theme in chapters 2-4 (2:30ff; 3:16; 4:11f; 4:18f)
•     when give selves to the Lord, experience Jesus’ grace making us rich (2Cor 8:5,9)
•     make God our rock rather than set heart on money (Ps 62:5f,10ff)
•     keys to success: understand that God owns it all (Ron Blue)
•     company start-up: debt may deny God an opportunity to work

...Inspires Caring Community

•     filled with awe, believers shared possessions as needed (2:43ff; 4:32ff)
•     church met emergency need for special post-Pentecost training camp
•     voluntary, not compulsory: still belonged to individuals (5:4)
•     practical kindness gave credibility, powerful witness

Deadly Selfishness

•     Ananias & Sapphira kept back part for himself: pretending, ‘poser’ (5:2)
•     faith dead, no love of God if see need and say words but don’t actually help (Jas 2:15f; 1Jn 3:16ff)


•     eye-catching prizes in dream lottery contrasts with appeal to help African hungry
•     churches ought to be assisting local emergencies, with discretion
•     help for panhandler paid off, with gratitude

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