“What’s a Dad to Do?”

Heb.12:1-11/various   Father's Day  June 18, 2006  Play audio

Fallout of Faulty Fathering in the Last Times

•     current events examples of deteriorating order: terrorists, gangs
•     last times symptoms - disobedience to parents, selfish, loving pleasure (2Tim 3:1-4)
•     OT predicted prophet who would turn hearts of fathers to children (Mal 4:6)
•     Honouring parents basic commandment, so things go well (Ex 20:12; Eph 6:1-3; Deut 5:16)

Pro-active Provision

1.    love each child as a ‘favourite’: God as Father / Son; Isaac / Jacob / Joseph (Jn 3:35; 5:20; 15:9; 16:27; Gen 25:28, 37:3f)
2.    bless your children: God / Abraham, Isaac / Jacob (Gen 12:2; 27:27f,38)
3.    train, instruct, share God’s commands: Jesus obeyed Father; parents to impress God’s commands on children; bring up in training & instruction of the Lord (Jn 14:31; Deut 6:6-9; Prov 1:8; Eph 6:4)
4.    provision of physical needs: give good gifts; to not provide is to deny the faith (Mt 7:9-11; 1Tim 5:8)
5.    praying & interceding: Job, David, Jairus pleaded earnestly (Job 1:5; 2Sam 12:16; Mk 5:22f,36)

Re-active Reclamation

1.    encourage, not exasperate: comfort & urge; discipline not arbitrary; example not hypocrisy (1Thess 2:11f; Eph 6:4; Col 3:21)
2.    reason with them if differ: father & elder brother of Prodigal (Lk 15:28,31f)
3.    rebuke & restrain: Jacob & sons, Eli & immoral sons (Gen 34:30; 1Sam 3:13f; 1Sam 2:17,22)
4.    punish wrong actions: punishment ‘with rod’ / timeouts, produces harvest of righteousness (Mt 15:4; Ps 89:30ff; 2Sam 14:33; Prov 13:24, 23:13f; Heb 12:7ff)
5.    forgive & restore: father of Prodigal confers embrace, clothes, ring; God compassionate as a father with his children (Lk 15:20,22f; Ps 103:13f)

The Importance of Involvement

•     decision of fathers to ignore or be involved with children has significant long-term effects

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