“Stand On Guard – Against Moral Collapse”

July 3, 2005  Lev.18:3-5,20-28  Play video

O Canada! We Stand on Goo

•    great country no longer so "glorious and free"
•    increasing violence, drug use - grow ops affect us all
•    Morgentaler award, gay pride parades: wicked strut when vileness honoured (Ps. 12:8)

Purging the Sins of the Amorites

•    God's covenant of land for Abraham's descendants: timing affected by sin of current inhabitants (Gen 15:16)
•    forbidden to defile selves like other nations: child sacrifice, sex outside marriage, witchcraft, spiritism (Lev 18; Deut 12:29ff, 18:9ff)
•    Israel exiled because imitated other nations, desecrated land (2Kings 17:7-23; Ps 106:38)
•    Canada's abortion rate staggering: 32/100 live; over 100,000/yr for 10 years
•    growing up in homosexual household brought molestation, destructive lifestyle
•    1.2 /6.4 M common-law / married; 38% divorce expectation by 30th anniv'y
•    Sodom's sin "great", "grievous", judged (Gen 13:13; 18:20)
•    sin's unseen effect: detestable, defiles, pollutes, selling oneself (Deut 12:31; Lev 18:24; 1Kings 21:25f; 2Kings 17:17)
•    sell-out makes us no longer free, but the enemy's; land vomited out sinners (Lev 18:25)

What to Do?

•    not escape, but let inner Kingdom infiltrate (Heb 11:6; Eph 2:19; 2Cor 5:20; Rom 14:17)
•    Paul offers alternative to lawbreaking, perversion, and murder of his day (1Tim.1:9f)
1.    Acknowledge our own need of Christ's grace: I "worst" (1Tim 1:13ff)
2.    Set an example: godly training, purity, saves others (1Tim 4:7,12,16, 6:11; Lev 18:5)
3.    Pray: lift up holy hands interceding for authorities (Eph 6:12; 1Tim 2:1f,8; Lk 11:5ff, 18:1ff; Prov 21:1)
•    Egerton Ryerson: influenced society through involvement – education requires right principles, religious/moral knowledge of right & wrong

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