“What Are You Living For?”

1Peter 4:1-11  Nov. 27, 2005  Play video

Choosing Priorities

•     choosing fruit over jewels on sinking ship
•     Christ’s attitude: live for God’s will, not evil desires (4:1f)

Taking the Perilous Plunge

•     avoid plunge into flood of pagan choices (4:3)
•     accidents: dissipation, drunkenness, carousing; wild living (Lk 15:13); wasting effect of drugs
•     anxiety: lust’s lingering legacy
•     abomination / idolatry: incontinent debauchery vs. behaving decently (Rom 13:13)
•     abuse: take advantage of others, heap abuse on those who resist joining in
•     account: will have to answer to Judge, not inherit God’s Kingdom (Gal 5:19ff; Mt 12:36; Jn 5:22,29)
•     terse tombstone

Rise to New Heights of Fulfilment

•     be clear minded / self-controlled so can pray (4:7; 1:13; Eph 6:18; Mt 26:40f)
•     love each other deeply: make allowances, cover sins (4:8; Prov 10:12)
•     hospitality vs. entertaining
•     administer God’s grace by using gifts (4:10f; Lk 16:1-9)

Hospitality Brings a Stranger Home to God

•     hitch-hiker impacted by church family’s kindness

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