“The Spirit’s Gifting – a Complete Workout”

1Cor.12:12-30 Jan.14, 2007  Play AUDIO (mp3)  Play VIDEO (wmv)

Differences Undivided Make Dynamic

 ○     church folk far from homogeneous
 ○     many parts, baptized by one Spirit into one body
 ○     variety of organs provides body with multiple functions
 ○     forcing ducks to run makes swimming ability mediocre

Every Part Important

 ○     less presentable parts nonetheless indispensable (22-24)
 ○     every member important because not spiritual amoebas

Solidarity in the Spirit

 ○     parts suffer together, rejoice when honoured: equal concern (24-26)

Miracles, Healing, Helps, Administrators

 ○     Miracles / powers: fear God, trust Him for supernatural signs
 ○     Healing: instrument of God’s grace in lives of hurting people
 ○     Helps: assist others with supernaturally-enhanced skills, so others touched by God
 ○     Administration: connect others having gifts/talents with those in need; doers