“Coming Clean - Below the Surface”

Mark 7:1-8,14-15,21-23 October 15, 2006  Play AUDIO (mp3)  Play VIDEO (wmv)

Sin’s Grades: Coarse & Refined

 ○     Sin is Sneaky, Incremental, Noxious (Ps 1:5)
 ○     some make headlines; others less visible - evil thoughts, arrogance, folly (1Sam 16:7; Ps 14:1ff)

God’s Commands vs.Human Tradition

 ○     Biblical teaching a light for our path, especially Ten Commandments (Lev 18:5; Ps 119:105; Ex 20:13-17)
 ○     Mishnah post-exilic oral elaboration; Gemara commentary on Mishnah – lost in the details
 ○     supplemental material circumvented Scripture’s intent, nullify God’s word (Corban: 7:7-13)
 ○     repeating Eden’s error; fallibility of church councils, deeds become vile (Gen 3:5)

Clean to the Core – by the Cross

 ○     hypocrisy lip-service, hearts far away from God who sees it nonetheless (7:6; 2Chron 16:9a; Jn 2:25; Prov 20:27)
 ○     powerlessness of human institutions to bring fulfilment, e.g. Paul as faultless Pharisee (Php 3:4ff)
 ○     “Rubbish” compared to knowing Christ - made possible by His death, triggered by opposition of scribes etc.

Praising God with Tongues & Reclaimed Bodies

 ○     Chas. Wesley sang of cleansing power of Christ’s blood
 ○     some hesitate, though no sin too big for the cross to handle
 ○     Salvation Army Captain’s ministry to sex-trade ‘slaves’ brings freedom in Christ – over time, with loving support