“Buried Treasure: Unlocking the Riches of God's Word”

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(adapted from materials provided by Canadian Bible Society)

‘B' for Bible Sunday

  • This psalm is an acrostic
  • The section we're looking at is Beth or ‘B'
  • The psalmist is very excited the law, ‘torah’ – as excited as if he'd found treasure

B for Behaviour

  • The law was about more than sacrifice and ritual: it was guidance on how to live
  • The Bible is about Behaviour– it tells you the best way to live your life

B for Being

  • The psalmist has ‘swallowed' God's promises: he has taken them to heart.
  • The more we prize and reflect on God's commands, the less likely we are to do what displeases him.
  • The more we take into our hearts about God and Jesus, the more we will be like them.
  • When we plant the promises of God in our hearts the seed will bear fruit.

B for Bounty

  • The psalmist doesn't keep God's promises to himself: he tells others about them.
  • The psalmist values God's words above riches
  • He views the scriptures as a great treasure. Do we view the Bible like that?
  • Many people today are desperate to get their hands on a Bible. We should share it with them