“The Spirit’s Anointing – for Uplifting Ministry”

Luke 4:14-21 January 21, 2007  Play AUDIO (mp3)  Play VIDEO (wmv)
My Mission
 ○     what are your truly top three goals?
 ○     priorities reveal persons important to us
Be Prepared: Frequency & Familiarity
 ○     was Jesus’ custom to attend synagogue (16)
 ○     easily found His place in Scripture (17)
For Immediate Release
 ○     freedom for the poor, prisoners, blind, oppressed (18f; Is 61:1f, 58:6)
 ○     Jesus embodied Jubilee year of re-enfranchisement (Lev 25:10)
 ○     credentials proven by positive effects (Lk 7:22)
 ○     Spirit’s resources required for God-sized projects, else no glory (Is 60:21; 61:3)
Today’s the Day
 ○     prophecy came true as they heard it spoken (21)
 ○     Jesus ready to do ‘even greater things’ through us (Jn 14:12)
 ○     good news in Annual Report; local outreach
 ○     Lord’s favour shown in grace to those in need (e.g. hair-cut)