“Standing in the Name”

Acts 4:1-22  May 7, 2006  Play audio

Nothing to Fear But...

•     an “A” for courage
•     predominant theme in Ann Landers letters: fear

Threatened by the Big Guns

•     Peter’s emphasis on Jesus’ resurrection at odds with Sadducees (3:6,15,26; 4:1f)
•     intimidating to be on trial before Annas, Caiaphas - Jesus’ murderers (5f)
•     those in power seek to protect ‘status quo’
•     Tom Clegg: churches with ‘bronze snakes’ may oppose change (2Kings 18:4)
•     Sanhedrin threatens / commands apostles before release (17f,21)
•     Gideons or secularists more threatening?

Standing in the Name

•     lame man’s healing attributed to Jesus’ name (3:15f; Mt 28:18; Jn 1:12; Php 2:9f; 4:10)
•     crucified / rejected by Sanhedrin, but raised / chosen by God (10f, Ps 118:22; Mt 21:42; 1Sam 2:8; Ps 18:27; Prov 3:34; Lk 1:52, 14:11)
•     salvation found in no other name: Jesus the only Way (Mt 10:19f; ac 4:12; Jn 14:6; 1Tim 2:5f; Heb 2:3)
•     Trial turned around: Sanhedrin accused by events, prophecy; people witnesses (14,16)
•     Peter & John courageous because of time spent with Jesus, sure trustworthy cornerstone (13; Is 28:16; 1Pet 2:23)

Bold in the Face of Death

•     Polycarp at 86 not about to turn against the One who has helped him so long
•     prayed-up boldness to face a gunman, unflinching

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