“Handling Rejection without Resentment”

Luke 13:31-35 March 4, 2007  Play AUDIO (mp3)  Play VIDEO (wmv)

Pastors Get Stoned: Some Welcome!

 ○     Jerusalem rabble endangers visiting Canadian pastors
 ○     tensions, resentments parallel Native situation
 ○     rejection felt deeply through uncaring words

Henny Penny, Chicklee, and Other Feathered Friends

 ○     Experiment in poultry-raising resulted in new pets
 ○     God’s love for people ‘from everlasting to everlasting’ (Ps 103:4,8b,11,17)
 ○     Jesus often longed to gather Jews as hen gathers chicks (13:34)

Foxy Foes

 ○     environment hostile to Jesus: Pilate, religious leaders, Herod (13:1,14,31)
 ○     guilty conscience due to murder of John the Baptist (Mt 14:2)
 ○     Pharisees jealous of Jesus’ popularity
 ○     others may resent you if try to live a holy life
 ○     Herod ‘fox’ - cunning, sly, opportunistic (13:32)
 ○     confronting carnivorous coons: die hard though pierced

Responding with Grace - and Gravity

 ○     answer to threat given with respect, reassurance (13:32)
 ○     coupled with serious warning will be desolate if persist in refusing the Lord (13:35; Deut.28; Jer 22:5)
 ○     narrow door to enter God’s Kingdom; weeping of those thrown out (13:23,28; Rom 1:18)

Hope for the Hostile in the Long Term

 ○     hint that Jerusalem will eventually welcome Jesus at His return (13:35)
 ○     will mourn for Him who was pierced, with spirit of grace and prayer (Rev 1:7; Zech 12:10)

Jesus Heals - Even When You’re ‘Burned’

 ○     napalm victim now ambassador of goodwill & forgiveness, raising funds to help children of war