“When There’s No Burning Bush: Following Your Passions to Discover God’s Call (pt.2)”

Acts 2:1-4; 4:23-31  May 27, 2007  Play AUDIO (mp3)  Play VIDEO (wmv)

Are You ‘Off the Hook’?

 ○     God’s call available if we’re receptive
 ○     early believers awaited God’s guidance, spoke boldly (1:14; 2:3f,29f)

Myth 4: Good Christians Never Say No

 ○      slot-filling obtains mixed results: gifts not utilized the best
 ○     instead help members fulfill their call
 ○     no more than 2 hats of responsibility
 ○     wilderness expert needed release to start outdoor club

Myth 5: It’s Best to Play It Safe

 ○     new ministry ideas fall casualty to committee/board approval process
 ○     change difficult but necessary; need to step out of the boat (Is 6:10; Mt 14:29f)
 ○     business leaders / inventors familiar with failure en route to success
 ○     God can bring good out of apparent failure

Myth 6: God Calling? There’s Got to Be a Burning Bush

 ○     most calls to particular ministries are less dramatic than Moses’, Paul’s (Ex 3:2ff; Ac 9:3f)
 ○     what breaks your heart that is also on God’s heart?
 ○     the place your deep gladness & world’s deep hunger meet
 ○     abilities help determine role within ministry area - though may have to develop new skills
 ○     wait for God’s timing, rather than proceeding in own strength like Abraham (Gen 16:4; Hab 2:3)
 ○     freedom to shape ministry within boundaries defined by leadership

No Hands but Ours

 ○     villagers realized they complete shattered statue