“Ruth’s Risky Resourcefulness”

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Man’s Avoidance of Maturity

 ○     selfishness interferes with commitment
 ○     increase in single-parent families associated with male avoidance of responsibility
 ○     popular actor an example of non-committal ‘symbolic union’

Serving Notice to the Kinsman-Redeemer

 ○     levirate marriage accepted means of support when no state-sponsored social benefits (Deut 25:5ff; Gen 38:8; Mt 22:23ff)
 ○     Ruth’s approach Naomi’s idea - obedient to mother-in-law, not ‘forward’ (1-6,9)
 ○     Boaz’ impeccable integrity: considerable age difference, yet didn’t take advantage of situation (10f; 17)

Spread Your Wings - as God’s Redeemer

 ○     Ruth uses official term for ‘kinsman-redeemer’ (9)
 ○     God’s ‘wings’ find enactment through Boaz’ covering (2:12)
 ○     Lord in prophecy covers us with His redemption, raises us as His Bride (Ezek 16:8; Eph 2:6)

Not Doormats but Doorways

 ○     other women in Scripture show submission coupled with bold initiative: Tamar, Abigail, Canaanite woman, persistent widow (Gen 38; 1Sam 25:41; Mt 15:22ff; Lk 18:1-5)
 ○     making plans at Annual meeting involves risk, obedience in worship, seeking to serve real needs of neighbour